Minutes of Reading Room Annual General Meeting July 29th 2019


Committee members: Neville Gray, Sally Dobson, Doreen Jordon, Chris Lindsay, Vera Heppell, Dean Bowen, Georgina Harper, Lorraine White, Marion Lewis and Debbie Reed.

Members of the public: Pat Stott, Lou Moore, Lesley Holden, Ed Clegg, Jules Clegg, Tony Ford and Steve Walsh.

1. Apologies: Louise Leonard and Jessica Birch

2. Minutes of AGM held on July 25th 2018: these were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters Arising from the minutes: none.

4. Trustees' Report for the year from end March 2018 to end of March 2019:

Neville Gray delivered this report, which was distributed around the members present, will be circulated with these minutes, and can be seen in the Reading Room.

5. Treasurer's Report and presentation of annual accounts up to end of March 2019:

Chris Lindsay explained the accounts, and showed that the Reading Room now has £23 667 in the bank, compared with £21 767 last year. Bookings had been slightly up on last year.

The accounts had been independently reviewed by Mary Jones and were formally accepted by the meeting.

The full Treasurer’s report will also be circulated with these minutes.

6. Appointment of trustees/management committee members for coming year:

Chair: Neville Gray resigned from his post as Trustee and Chair of the committee. He was thanked for his hard work over the last 9 years and wished a happy retirement from it. A replacement (or replacements) will be found before or at next Ordinary meeting

Bookings diary: Debbie Reed

Minutes Secretary: Debbie Reed (co-opted)

Health and Safety Officer: Dean Bowen (co-opted)

Hon. Treasurer: Chris Lindsay

Representatives from user groups:

Hazel Chalmers (Chat club)

Lorraine White (Drama club)

Sally Dobson (Craft club)

Georgina Harper (Church)

Doreen Jordon (Parish Council)

Marion Lewis (Choir)

Louise Leonard (Film club)

Vera Heppell (WI)

According to the constitution as laid down by the Charity Commission, we can have up to 15 user group representatives, plus another 5 elected but not representing any user groups.

Lesley Holden was elected in the latter capacity.

7. Reports/ comments from some of the user groups:

Chat Club: Hazel could not attend the AGM but sent a detailed report on all Chat Club activities in the past year. Her report is attached with these minutes

Film Club: 2018/2019 had been another successful year in which audiences had continued to be enthusiastic and attended regularly. Last year the Queen’s Hall granted us another subsidised film session, bringing our total to 11 per year. Louise organises 10 film nights, which leaves another subsidised session available for a group to show a film for a special event.

Drama club: Lorraine reported a successful year, apart from the fact that the May production had had to be cancelled due to a shortage of available cast members. The age range is still on the high side, although younger members join for the pantomime.

Craft Club: Sally reported that the group continued to be enjoyed by many people as an occasion to chat as well as to produce a variety of items for charitable enterprises.

During 2018/2019 visiting speakers had been invited to some of the meetings

Toddler group: Jessica was unable to be present, but Debbie reported that the group is functioning very well, with over 20 families attending on some Tuesday mornings. More parents are getting involved with the running of the sessions, so that as older children move to nursery, parents of younger children step up to help.

Church: Georgina reported on the good relationship between the Church and the Reading Room, and the hope that the Church will have their own toilets before long.

8. AOB: None.