Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of ordinary committee meeting October 21st 2019

Present: Lesley Holden, Sally Dobson, Chris Lindsay, Doreen Jordon, Dean Bowen and Debbie Reed

1. Apologies for absence: Lorraine White, Georgina Harper, Marion Lewis and Vera Hepple

2. Minutes of meeting on September 30th 2019: these were agreed to be a true record

3. Matters arising from the minutes of September 30th and not on the agenda:

a) Cleaner’s contract: Sally had brought a copy of the checklist to be used with our contractor at the annual review in March, and will bring one or two issues to her attention in the meantime.

b) Debbie had brought a new contact list to be posted on the Reading Room section of the indoor notice board, and it was agreed that another copy should be posted on the outside board.

4. Information sharing from all committee members: it was agreed that this would be covered by agenda items.

5. Treasurer’s report: Chris presented his report on September’s income and expenditure, which showed our balance in Lloyds to have increased by over £350, so our total assets are now £23 822.45.

6. Booking Secretary's report: Debbie report showed that income from bookings in September had been £716. Two regular hirers have dropped out but one-off bookings are on the increase.

7. Reading Room maintenance /safety actions – progress: Dean was thanked for the detailed account that he had produced to show the jobs that he had identified as important, and several of them have already been completed, thanks to Chris, Dean and Charlie Lewis. The rest are in hand, with specified people identified to carry them out. (Charlie is being paid but at a very competitive rate).

Chris had contacted Louise Curry about the regulations regarding the contents of the First Aid box, and he and Dean will see to this by next meeting.

8. Clear-out October 19th : this had been a useful start. The cellar under the small hall floor had been cleared of paint no longer needed by the drama group, and swept out by Dean. A large amount of rubbish from there and the storeroom was taken to the tip (Lesley and Chris). We agreed that the marquees could be stored in the cellar, thus releasing a cupboard in the storeroom for items needed more regularly. We discussed rationalising the other cupboards to make better use of the space in the storeroom and the possibility of storing some of the stage units somewhere else, but realised that we needed to consider the options carefully.

Noticeboard: Doreen agreed to place all the Reading Room documents in a plastic folder so that they took up less space, (only the Public Liability Insurance document has to be clearly displayed) and to go through the business cards and other advertising on the public sections of the boards.

9. Arrangements for Quiz on Friday November 15th: this will be in the November Parish Magazine, Village Notes for the two issues prior to the quiz and on posters around the village. As Judy and Ada will be away, Lesley agreed to ask Louise if she will be here for the quiz, and Chris will ask her for details of past orders of pies and peas from Balls, and quantities/types of drink provided.

We agreed to have a raffle with a limited number of good prizes. (Dean will ask Threadgolds if they can donate a hamper).

Doreen will ask Neville if he’s willing to help Pat Stott.

We may be short of committee members on the night, so any extra outside help will be welcome. (Chris will ask his neighbours if they’re available to help with the bar).

10. Christmas Cheer: we agreed to go ahead with this on December 8th from 10.30 am to 1 pm. Lorraine had offered to be part of an organising committee.

Debbie will ask Fiona and Clara if they’re available to put on a craft session in the Blackett Room, and will contact Jim Wardle to confirm his availability to be Father Christmas again.

Doreen will consult Margaret Turnbull/Jane Hamilton about carol-singing.

Sally has already arranged to borrow an urn for the mulled wine from the Warburtons in Prudhoe.

Not all committee members are available on December 8th. We agreed to ask all Reading Room users to offer help on the day.

Monthly Planner actions:

i) emergency lighting check – lights all working.

11. AOB.

i) Extra film showing: Prudhoe Branch Labour party have asked to hire the Reading Room to show a film on November 16th. Debbie will ask Louise if there’s a spare subsidised showing that they can be offered.

ii) Urn: the plastic urn isn’t working at all well and we agreed to buy a second metal one. Debbie will ask Hazel for specifications.

12. Date of next meeting: Monday November 25th 2019