Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of ordinary committee meeting

Monday 30th September 2019

Present: Doreen Jordon, Lorraine White, Marion Lewis, Dean Bowen, Chris Lindsay, Georgina Harper, Lesley Holden, Sally Dobson and Debbie Reed.

  1. Apologies for Absence: Louise Leonard, Vera Hepple.

  1. Minutes of meeting on 9th July 2019: these were accepted as a true record.

  1. Matters arising from the minutes but not on the agenda: None.

  1. Minutes of informal meeting held on 9th September: these were accepted as a true record.

  1. Confirmation of jobs/posts allocated on 9th September: all agreed (see below). Dean has a resident in mind to take over responsibility for Health and Safety but this arrangement hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Chair: Lesley Holden

Vice-Chair: Louise Leonard

Admin/Secretary: Chris Lindsay

Hon. Treasurer: Chris Lindsay

Booking Secretary : Debbie Reed

Minutes Secretary: Debbie Reed (or rota?)

Health and Safety Officer: Dean Bowen

Maintenance contacts: Dean Bowen and Chris Lindsay

Cleaning Supervisor: Sally Dobson

Yearly Planner: Doreen Jordon

  1. Administrator/ Secretary’s report: we agreed that this item should in future be replaced by “information sharing” from all members, rather than a report from Chris.

a) Chris hopes to find Neville’s box of documentation. He’s also asking the Charity Commission for information, specifically a trustees’ registration form for Lesley. Neville has given the CC the Bookings email address, to which both Chris and Debbie have access, for the Commission to contact the committee.

b) Sally reported that the table missing from the small hall has been returned from the cellar, but that the plastic tablecloth is missing (under the trolley?)

Seven missing sherry glasses belonging to Chat Club have been reported missing.

c) Storage: it was agreed that there was a lot of equipment which needed to be removed or stored more efficiently, and we discussed various options. These included clearing the cellar under the small hall and using that for rarely-used items like the marquees: these are taking up space in cupboards which could store items used more regularly. We agreed to have a clear-out day on October 19th to which user groups would be invited, both to help and to ensure items they wanted weren’t disposed of, but instead were stored appropriately

We also decided to revisit the idea of a shed to store certain items, and to investigate some adaptation of the loft to make it more user-friendly, although safety would have to be carefully taken into consideration.

d) West Northumberland Community Buildings Consortium: our annual subscription of £35 is due now and Chris will pay it. The Consortium’s AGM is in Riding Mill’s Millennium Hall at 7.pm on November 7th (to be discussed at next meeting) The consortium are hosting a funding event on in Kirkwhelpington on October 17 th. Debbie has also received emails from the West Northumberland VCS (Voluntary and Community Sector) network advising of a funding fair on October 24th. We recognised that we might consider applying for funding in the future, and would ensure that we are better prepared for next year’s events, but would not attend this year.

e) Dean inquired about the website, which Phil Holden kindly updates as and when requested. Updated bookings are to be found in the “current programme” section, and minutes of meetings are added regularly.

f) Lost file containing hard copies of minutes: this is still missing and Debbie agreed to build up a new file which can be looked at in the Reading Room as well as on the website.

g) Marion explained that she would be going away for a few weeks and would arrange for her sons to see to the bins, but we agreed to be on hand to put them out and take them back in.

h) Contact list on notice board in small hall: Debbie will update it with Chris’s, Dean’s and her number on.

  1. Treasurer’s report: Chris passed round a copy of his updated accounts. Income has naturally been reduced over the summer, and Goose Fair expenses contributed to the fact that expenditure exceeded income by £500, but our bank balance is still £23 469.

The Chat Club balance has been reduced by the purchase of a new micro-

wave oven.

  1. Booking Secretary’s Report: Debbie passed her report round. Income in July and August had been £610 and £313 respectively. One-off bookings keep coming in, but we’ve lost Rachel’s Friday morning Dru Yoga and Kathryn Libby’s Monday morning fitness sessions.

  1. Reading Room maintenance/safety actions: Dean had carried out an extensive inspection of all aspects of the premises (his report is attached with these minutes) and had found a few situations causing concern. It was agreed that he and Chris would spend some time checking these out and see what could be repaired in house and what needed outside help. Mention was made of a resident who might be willing to carry out repairs for us. (Chris and Dean to follow up).

  1. Quiz: it was agreed that we would charge £5 per person this time (it was £4.50 in February)’ and ask people to pay at the door, with no reservations taken. All publicity will stress the importance of arriving early for a prompt start. Debbie will send information to Martin Davenport for November’s Parish Magazine, and to Malcolm Cairns for Village notes, as well as putting posters up in the village and on “What’s On in Ovingham”.

She will ask Pat Stott of she would like help on the night (Neville has always

done this).

  1. Monthly Planner actions:

i) emergency lighting check: carried out

ii) annual review of cleaning contract: there were one or two minor issues with regard to the cleaning, and Sally will take these up with Melissa..

The contract will not change.

iii) Chris will arrange for Paul Curran to service the boiler

12. AOB: As Rachel now starts her yoga class at 7, we’re going to overlap

substantially so will revert to a 7.30 start for our meetings.

13. Date of next meeting: Monday 21st October 2019 at 7.30 pm (to avoid

Drama group booking from October 26th to November 2nd).