Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of ordinary committee meeting

Monday 3rd June 2019

Present: Neville Gray, Doreen Jordon, Vera Hepple, Lorraine White, Marion Lewis, Debbie Reed, Louise Leonard.

  1. Apologies for Absence: Sally Dobson, Georgina Harper, Chris Lindsay and Dean Bowen.

  2. Minutes of meeting on 29th April 2019: these were accepted as a true record and signed off by the Chairman.

  3. Matters arising from the minutes but not on the agenda: None.

  4. Update on Reading Room maintenance/safety actions:

  1. Storage of tables. This is in hand and should be completed over the Summer.

  2. Insurance policy re Toddlers. Neville contacted the broker that Energize have their policy with, They forwarded on a fact sheet which Neville passed onto the Toddler group.

  3. Toilet roll holder. Sally has installed the holder in the ladies toilet.

  1. Chair’s Report: Nothing to report.

  2. Treasurer’s report: No monthly report for April or May as Chris has been away. Annual report had been forwarded by Chris. Neville will check with Chris the difference in expenditure on the bar and water rates.

  3. Booking Secretary’s Report: Debbi passed her report round. The hall ahs been used for band practice and there is a new fitness group starting on Monday 24th June.

  4. Goose Fair committee report: Progressing well. 26 stalls have booked including the bar. Discussed the need for a2nd van for the transport of the stage on Friday evening. Lorraine will check to see if she can borrow a horse box. A meeting with Ovifun is being held on Monday.

  5. Feedback on Reading Room 125th Anniversary event: Not very well attended but those who did attend were very interested and pleased with the display. Another successful event.

  6. New Urn to replace faulty one: Marion has cleaned the old urn and it seems to e flowing better. Chat Club have agreed to purchase a new urn.

  7. Quiz: The school PTA have booked a quiz in October. It was agreed we will have a quiz in September.

  8. Monthly Planner actions:

  1. emergency lighting check – carried out

  2. annual review of cleaning contract. Agreed to leave for discussion when Sally is here.

  1. AOB No other business to discuss.

  2. Date of next meeting: Monday 8th July 2019

The AGM will be on Monday 29th July 2019