Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of ordinary committee meeting Monday 29th April 2019

Present: Neville Gray, Doreen Jordon, Vera Hepple, Georgina Harper, Lorraine White, Marion Lewis and Debbie Reed.

1. Apologies for absence: Sally Dobson, Louise Leonard, Dean Bowen and Chris Lindsay.

2. Minutes of meeting on 25th March 2019: these were accepted as a true record and signed off by the Chairman.

3. Matters arising from the minutes but not on the agenda: none.

4. Update on Reading Room maintenance /safety actions:

i) safe storage of tables: this is in hand. Marion is debating whether to use oil paint or coloured tape.

ii) action taken on up-lights: Paul Howd has mended the two faulty dimmer switches, and pointed out that they had probably been damaged by careless stacking of the chairs. Neville will make a notice to attach to the panel of switches to draw people’s attention to this risk.

iv) insurance policy (toddlers?): Neville has decided to talk to Jessica Birch after a toddlers’ session to attempt to resolve her concerns that toddler group isn’t currently covered by insurance of their own.

v) toilet roll holder: Sally has undertaken to replace the whole unit, but is currently away.

5. Chair’s report: nothing to add to other agenda items.

6. Treasurer’s report: Neville has been carrying out bank transactions in Chris’s absence, and presented a report on the situation with the current account. In the last 4 weeks our balance has gone down from £6 091 to £4 222, but there have been substantial bills – AV Works for repairs to the dvd/sound system, our annual insurance premium, a gas bill and a payment to the Performing Rights Society.

7. Booking Secretary's report: Debbie passed her report round. Income for March had been £899, and April’s will be over £500 although many activities stop for the Easter holidays. May will be a busy month. If hirers need to be shown round or given keys if/when Debbie is away, other committee members said they would be happy to do that.

8. Goose Fair committee meeting report: Neville reported on progress so far. The food situation has probably been resolved by a catering company who will provide a variety of food including both sandwiches and burgers, as well as tea and coffee. Tables and chairs will be set up in the marquee alongside the beer.

It will be necessary to arrange a day to bring all gazebos and other equipment from the cellar, loft and cupboards to check exactly what we have, and to sort out all the gazebos and their fittings etc.

Dean will be asked what area the stage needs to be in order to decide how many units we need to bring from the cemetery lodge, and we will need to identify where they can safely be built on the green.

Debbie is publicising a litter pick a fortnight before the Goose Fair, on Saturday June 1st, and will send Malcolm Cairns an item for Village Notes in the two consecutive Courants published on June 6th and June 13th.

9. Reading Room 125th anniversary event May 18th 2019: this will be publicised in Village Notes on May 9th and 16th, as well as in a leaflet to be given out at the same time as a Goose Fair leaflet (Dean has agreed to design these in time for distribution around 11th May.)

We agreed to serve prosecco (have Ernest and Sally offered to buy this?), coffee and tea (plus soft drinks) – Louise and Judy to be asked to do this? We also agreed to order a big cake with a Reading Room picture transposed onto it - Neville volunteered Kathryn to do this. We’ll probably serve the cake on napkins.

Agreed to retrieve bunting from the loft.

Raffle – a ticket given out on arrival (important to take contact details). Prizes to be related to the RR – hire voucher, tickets for quiz etc.

Doreen will prepare a display of relevant photos and Marion will display her village map and census.

Neville will have a potted history of the Reading Room available, and copies of the 1994 Centenary booklet on display.

Agreed it would be good to have quiet/suitable music in the background (Debbie will ask Ernest and Sally about this)

10. Polling Day for Mayoral elections: Paul had kindly brought the polling booth up from the loft so all is ready for May 2nd. The election officer will ring Neville the night before and arrange to get the key. (Can the booth be left in the Blackett Room ready for the EU election on 25th?)

11. Monthly Planner actions:

i) emergency lighting check – carried out

ii) annual review of cleaning contract – after some discussion this was postponed until Sally was present to talk about it.

12. AOB. Doreen raised the issue of parking outside the Reading Room, with particular reference to band members on some Wednesday mornings and toddler parents on Tuesday mornings. Debbie agreed to contact the people concerned to suggest that they park further away if possible and ensure that they don’t cause an obstruction.

13. Date of next meeting: Monday June 3rd? (May 27th is a bank holiday) Did we discuss this?