Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of ordinary committee meeting Monday 25th March 2019

Present: Doreen Jordon, Vera Hepple, Louise Leonard, Lorraine White, Georgina Harper, Sally Dobson, Marion Lewis and Debbie Reed.

1. Apologies for absence: Neville Gray, Chris Lindsay and Dean Bowen.

2. Minutes of meeting on 25th February 2019: these were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters arising from the minutes but not on the agenda: none

4. Update on Reading Room maintenance /safety actions:

i) safe storage of tables: Marion offered to colour code the 3 sizes of tables with red, yellow and blue paint on the underside and matching tape on each trolley.

ii) action taken on dvd player: the process of mending our dvd player is under way, and we have Dave Proctor’s dvd player to use in the meantime.

iii) action taken on up-lights: this was reported by Rachel Orange, and checked by Chris who found that a faulty switch had caused all the lights to trip. Paul Howd has checked to see where the fault is and will be returning with the necessary parts.

iv) Toddler Group insurance: Jessica Birch has written to explain her investigations so far and Debbie will pass the letter to Neville to consider whether we can cover groups such as the Toddler Group in our insurance.

v) toilet roll holder/bin liners: one of the toilet roll holders has broken and we are near the end of our bin liners. Sally offered to find a new toilet roll unit and buy more bin liners.

5. Chair’s report: not available in absence of chair.

6. Treasurer’s report: Chris had sent a record of February’s income (£1760) and expenses (£1225).

7. Booking Secretary's report: Debbie passed round her report of present and future bookings. February’s bookings will generate income of £681

8. Goose Fair committee meeting report: Lorraine updated the committee on progress with Goose Fair arrangements, which are going well. We are gathering volunteers to carry out the tasks the committee won’t be able to cover. The Scouts have volunteered to work as stewards and possibly provide a game. The next subcommittee meeting will be in the Blackett Room on Wednesday April 17th at 7.30.

9. Reading Room 125th anniversary event May 18th 2019: we agreed to hold this event from 10.30 to about 12, and discussed glasses for the prosecco. (This has been followed by an email conversation, as a result of which we will be using glasses Doreen has kindly offered to lend for the occasion, and investigating borrowing plastic glasses from the church).

An item asking for photos etc will be in the April Parish Magazine, and we need to put an official invitation in the May magazine (deadline Sunday 14th April). Debbie will draft one and circulate it for approval.

10. Polling Day for Mayoral elections: it was confirmed that the polling booth is in the cellar, and Louise volunteered Paul to bring it up from there on the evening of the April film club.

11. Monthly Planner actions:

i) emergency lighting check – carried out (?)

ii) annual review of cleaning contract – postponed until April, when we would identify jobs for Melissa to do during quiet periods.

12. AOB.

i) Christmas Cheer: Sally proposed that we revive Christmas Cheer in December, having missed it last year, and it was agreed.

ii) New kettle: Debbie proposed that we buy a new kettle, as one of the two in the cupboard doesn’t work satisfactorily. Agreed that Debbie would buy one.

iii) Wine measures: we agreed that the wine measures that Sally had bought made it easier to serve wine, though a 75cl serving looks ungenerous in some of the glasses.

13. Date of next meeting: Monday April 29th 2019.

The meeting closed at 8.15 pm.