Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of ordinary committee meeting Monday 28th January 2019

Present: Neville Gray, Chris Lindsay, Doreen Jordon, Louise Leonard, Lorraine White, Vera Hepple, Sally Dobson, Marion Lewis, Dean Bowen and Debbie Reed

1. Apologies for absence: None

2. Minutes of meeting on 3rd December 2018: these were accepted as a true record and signed off by the Chairman

3. Matters arising from the minutes but not on the agenda: Marion reported that she has removed the recycling bin from the kitchen as it’s still being misused.

4. Update on Reading Room maintenance /safety actions:

i) unsheathed electric cable in porch: no action taken yet

ii) action taken on speakers: these have been repaired, but a new problem has come up – dots on the inside of the projector appearing as white spots on the film screen. This could be a sign of a faulty chip. Neville will contact AV Works.

Dean had noticed a trailing cable which he will make safe.

5. Chair’s report: nothing to report apart from additions to other agenda items

6. Treasurer’s report: Chris circulated his financial report covering November and December 2018. Our current bank balance is £22 510.93

7. Booking Secretary's report: Debbie circulated information on the regular and one-off bookings for December and January, plus the numerous advance bookings for subsequent months.

Requests for Reading Room committee help with events:

Sue Douglas, new Drama Group Treasurer, has asked for help during the pantomime performances - sweets, soft drinks and ice creams on Sunday 10th March (matinee) and the bar on any of the evenings Monday March 11th to Thursday 14th. Some of us have already made offers, but if anybody else can help it would be appreciated.

A member is needed to be the licencee on Friday March 22nd when the First School PTA are holding a fundraising quiz, and also on Monday April 1st when the Prudhoe Singers (conducted by Keren Banning) are holding a fundraising concert in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

8. Goose Fair open meeting report/update: as a result of advertising in Village Notes and the Parish Magazine, 8 extra people attended the open meeting in Chris’s house on January 15th and there was a useful exchange of ideas.

Lorraine has updated the application form and information for prospective stallholders, and has provided her contact details in an item in the Oracle, which should be delivered within the next 10 days. Stalls to be limited to 20/25, with no duplication of activities or items for sale.

We discussed various aspects of the Goose Fair, and agreed that the field would be open at 12.30, with Hexham Brass Band playing to signal the beginning of the fair; the procession would lead off from the Old Vicarage at 1 pm, followed by the proclamation at about 1.10 pm. The fair would finish at 4.30 pm. The Craft group have committed to refurbishing the goose costume, and Ovi-Fun have offered to put on children;s games and activities on the lower field.

The next sub-committee meeting will be on Wednesday 20th February at Chris’s house, with Jules Clegg invited to join it on behalf of Ovi-Fun.

9. Quiz February 8th: we discussed arrangements for this, as follows:

Neville will help Pat Stott with her role as question-master/score -keeper

Louise will order 70 meat pies and 30 vegetarian ones

Sally and Ernest will buy drink (alcohol and soft). Do we sell crisps?

Chris and Vicky will run the bar

Debbie and Louise will take the money at the entrance to a maximum of 100 people (13 teams of 4 have already been reserved)

Ada will run the raffle

We will set up on Friday afternoon/early evening as the Reading Room will be free

Promotion: posters are up now, and there’s an item in the Parish Magazine

The quiz will be in the Courant on Thursday 31st January and Thursday 7th February, as well as the Oracle, which should be out before the quiz

Dean is having a banner printed this week

10. Reading Room 125th anniversary event May 18th 2019: this will be a simple event, but we intend to put on a display of past Goose Fairs so will ask for old photos and newspaper articles, either by means of a leaflet or via the Parish Magazine.

We agreed to print more copies of the 1994 centenary booklet about the Reading Room, or prepare a condensed version of it with an extension on the last 25 years to be handed out.

11. Monthly Planner actions:

i) emergency lighting check – carried out after the meeting

ii) quarterly health and safety check - Dean to check that all is in order

iii) Firepoint service and check on all fire extinguishers – done previously??

12. AOB. None

13. Date of next ordinary meeting: Monday February 25th 2019