Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of ordinary committee meeting Monday 3rd December 2018

Present: Neville Gray, Doreen Jordon, Sally Dobson, Marian Lewis, Chris Lindsay, Lorraine White, Vera Hepple and Debbie Reed

1. Apologies for absence: Louise Leonard, Dean Bowen, Georgina Harper

2. Minutes of meeting on 29th October 2018: these were accepted as a true record

3. Matters arising from the minutes but not on the agenda:

Neville had not yet been able to speak to Nicola Oliver about continuing as a trustee

4. Update on Reading Room maintenance /safety actions

i) Reintroduction of inside recycling bin:

As in previous trials, some people have used this as a general waste bin, thereby contaminating the recyclable materials, and with regret we decided to discontinue this facility.

ii) Progress with repair of marquee:

The marquee has been fixed at a cost of £80, to be paid by Ovi-Fun. 30 new eyelets have been replaced.

5. Chair’s report:

Neville reported that he had taken on the role of Treasurer of the West Northumberland Consortium of Village Halls.

He explained a proposal for Village Halls to work with Northumbria Police, which had been presented at the W.N. Consortium meeting. We discussed this and decided that it wasn’t appropriate for us to offer to report suspicious behaviour to the police, other than in our capacity as citizens/residents.

We buy our electricity and gas from LSI through the Consortium, and will be consulted about future prices, along with all other halls who have signed up to the scheme.

6. Treasurer’s report:

Chris presented his October report, which showed income of £1778 and expenses of £1348. Our total balance in out two accounts is £21 869. The report is attached with these minutes.

7. Booking Secretary's report:

Debbie handed round a summary of November bookings, also attached with the minutes.

8. Goose Fair subcommittee report:

Neville reported on the subcommittee meeting held on 12/11 (minutes of which are attached with these minutes) There was discussion about various aspects of the Fair, and Neville reported that it’s likely that the Bridge End pub will have been reopened well before Goose Fair day. We agreed that we will hold an open meeting on 15/1 at Chris’s house for anyone wanting to contribute in some way, be it organisations we know already or more informal groups. If there’s little response we’ll work with the support we have. We would advertise this meeting in January’s Parish Magazine and in Village Notes, and follow it with the pro-forma letter to stall-holders used in previous years.

9. Reading Room 125th anniversary May 2019:

We decided:

i) to hold a party in the Reading Room for present and former members of the RR committee, also open to members of the public.

ii) to make copies of the booklet which celebrated the centenary of the RR in 1996.

iii) to make a feature of this anniversary at the RR stall at the Goose Fair.

iv) arrangements for commemorating the anniversary will be on January’s agenda.

10. Monthly Planner actions:

emergency lighting check – carried out

11. AOB:

i) Lorraine pointed out that the upper stretches of the cables in the porch aren’t cased in plastic and we agreed that this should be looked into, but not as a priority for now.

ii) Neville has checked the fire alarms and confirmed that they aren’t audible outside the building, so Melissa can test them when she’s cleaning at her new early time without worrying about disturbing neighbours.

iii) Christmas tree: Neville has set this up and put the lights on. Sally volunteered the Craft group to decorate it.

iv) Louise has expressed concern about the speakers, which were very ineffective at the last film and need to be working properly for the next one on 21st (Mamma Mia 2). Gerry White has offered to have a look at them this week, and if he can’t deal with the problem we would approach AV as a matter of urgency.

v) Lou Moore doesn’t need to borrow tables and chairs for the Christmas dinner for Newcastle homeless but has asked to borrow the microwave - agreed.

12. Date of next ordinary meeting: Monday January 28th 2019