Ovingham Reading Room meeting 29th October 2018


Present: Doreen Jordon, Neville Gray, Louise Leonard, Sally Dobson, Dean Bowen, Lorraine White and Debbie Reed

1. Apologies for absence: Vera Hepple, Chris Lindsay and Marion Lewis

2. Minutes of September’s meeting: these were accepted as a true record

3. Any urgent matters arising from meeting or from written reports submitted prior to this meeting:

a) Marquee: Neville reported that he and Chris had checked the marquee, found that it wasn’t ripped, that the poles probably didn’t need attention, and the sections with damaged eyelets are to be repaired.

b) Food Hygiene form: Hazel Chalmers had completed the Food Hygiene form that we had been asked to complete.

c) Quiz: Pat Stott had confirmed that she would prepare questions for a quiz on February 8th 2019.

d) Trustees: It was agreed that it wasn’t appropriate for Nicola Oliver to continue as a Trustee as she was unable to attend meetings due to work commitments.. Neville would talk to Nicola about this.

e) Minutes’ file: Debbie asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of the file in which signed-off minutes are kept for public access. Nobody had seen them, but the minutes are always put on the website so there’s no urgency.

f) Newcastle Homeless Christmas dinner: Lou Moore has asked if she can borrow 6/7 tables and 50 plastic chairs to use for a Christmas dinner for the homeless in Newcastle on Christmas Eve. We agreed that she could, and Debbie will check that no bookings clash with the period of time the tables are away and liaise with Lou.

g) Next meeting: the Drama group have use of the Reading Room on November 26th, when we would normally hold our next meeting, so we agreed on the following Monday December 3rd.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to a discussion about the Goose Fair 2019, and a subcommittee was formed of Doreen Jordon, Neville Gray, Lorraine White, Dean Bowen, and Debbie Reed. Chris Lindsay would be asked to take on the role of GF Treasurer according to the original 1969 constitution. The first subcommittee meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 21st November but subsequently rearranged. The subcommittee would report back to the full committee on December 3rd,
(Neville’s minutes of that part of the meeting are attached with these general minutes)