Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of ordinary committee meeting Monday 24th September 2018

Present: Neville, Doreen, Chris, Georgina, Dean, Lorraine, Marion and Debbie

1. Apologies for absence: Sally, Vera and Louise

2. Minutes of meeting on 30th July 2018: these were accepted as a true record

3. Matters arising from the minutes

i) progress with update of website: Phil has updated this, including adding minutes since the beginning of 2017. Committee members agreed to look on it and bring comments to next meeting.

ii) progress with regard to toddler group: this is going well at the moment. Advertising has increased attendance, and moves to get more involvement from parents, grandparents and carers are proving effective.

iii) WEA exhibition: this is on hold for the time being as we can’t offer a clear weekend during the coming months.

4. Update on Reading Room maintenance /safety actions

i) progress with last pair of new curtains: these are up, and Hazel has made tablecloths out of the remaining material.

ii) use of outside notice board: Neville has removed one or two notices not relating to Reading Room events and has pinned them up inside. Otherwise the board’s being used appropriately.

iii) safety gate: Neville has made the bolt secure.

iv) painting of hall (radiators): we agreed to leave this for the time being. Neville had approached Richard Loughead, but he isn’t available at the moment, and we decided it wasn’t a priority.

v) dishwasher: we have put this on hold, with reservations about the usefulness of one as well as doubt about whether we could fit one in the kitchen.

vi) reintroduction of inside recycling bin: another attempt to introduce a recycling bin hasn’t been successful – too much mixed waste was put in. We expressed disappointment but decided we would try again, with instructions for very limited use: clean empty plastic bottles and drinks cans only.

vii) PAT testing: Chris reported that he had carried this out in August, apart from the projector and lead, for which scaffolding will be needed. One sewing machine needs a new plug (Craft group to be notified), and Neville and Chris agreed to mend the loose cable on the hostess trolley, which is the Reading Room’s responsibility.

The Drama group’s equipment was also tested in August.

viii) Handle on the door between the small and main halls: this is loose – Neville to look at it.

ix) Marquee: this had been damaged during Ovi-Fun Day (some eyelets had ripped, and there is a long tear down one end sheet). Chris and Neville will look at it one Wednesday morning, and then Chris will contact someone he knows who could be asked to look at this. Some welding is also required.

5. Chair’s report:

Neville reported that he had supplied information required by the Charity Commission for the year 2017/2018.

He also suggested that the terms of the cleaning contract might be looked at again.

6. Treasurer’s report:

Chris’s report covered July and August, and showed a surplus of income over expenditure of £800, much of which was the amount taken at the Chat Club tea.

7. Booking Secretary's report: Debbie handed out information about all the hirings since the end of July. Income for use in July had been £731, in August £292, and is expected to be £799 in September.

Bookings and times of regular groups are the same as before the summer, but there will also be Dru Yoga sessions on Monday evenings.

We discussed the dilemma of Church attenders requiring to use the toilets on Sunday mornings, when there are often bookings for children’s parties. It was agreed that party people would be asked if they could delay the start their parties after 11.30, and that the Church would respect a bolted door after that time.

8. Monthly Planner actions:

emergency lighting check – carried out

9. AOB.

a) Pat Stott had proposed running a quiz in late January or early February, so we agreed to offer her a choice of dates.

b) West Northumberland Consortium of Village Halls has proposed setting up a portal for village halls to post information on, and have sent a questionnaire for us to fill in (Neville’s email 20/9/18)

c) CAN had sent information about courses for Village Hall committee members. We all agreed to look at the courses on offer (another email from Neville 20/9/18).

d) It was suggested that we ask hirers to use masking tape instead of “sticky-backed plastic”.

e) Debbie thanked Lorraine for agreeing to being the emergency contact for hirers the second weekend in September, when Debbie, Neville and Chris were all away.

f) Goose Fair: next summer will be the 50th anniversary of the modern-day fair. Dean has a copy of the original 1969 specification, which we agreed would be a good starting point for an anniversary fair, if we decided to go ahead. Ovi-Fun have decided not to hold a Field Day this year, but to offer help with the Goose Fair. We agreed on an initial sub-committee meeting in the pavilion on October 16th at7.30 to discuss viability.

10. Date of next ordinary meeting: Monday October 29th.