Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Ordinary committee meeting Monday 30h July 2018


Present: Neville, Sally, Vera, Lorraine, Marion, Doreen, Chris, Hazel and Debbie

1. Apologies for absence: Dean, Georgina and Louise

2. Minutes of meeting on 25th June 2018: these were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters arising from the minutes

i) progress with update of website: most of the details on the front page of the “Current Programme” section, and “Other Activities” are now updated, but a few entries still need to be amended, and minutes need to be uploaded. Debbie is to see Phil H again to continue the work on this.

ii) situation with regard to toddler group: the toy cupboard has been cleaned and sorted out. Several mothers/carers plan to put the start time back half an hour so that more will be able to come to set up, to advertise the group widely and hope it will prove to be viable by Christmas.

iii) “No TV licence status” to be renewed: action taken online

iv) WEA exhibition: this still is a possibility but the WEA contact is on holiday during August and we will need to find a clear weekend in September

4. Update on Reading Room maintenance /safety actions

i) progress with new curtains: all the new curtains are up now and we agreed that we would donate the old ones to the new vicar of a church in Scotland.

ii) progress with new outside notice board: Neville will put up a notice with Reading Room contacts, and it’s hoped that other organisations will put up notices to advertise their RR events.

iii) Safety gate: this is ongoing, and it’s recognised that it needs to be mended before term starts.

iv) Painting in hall: we decided that this wasn’t a priority for the time being, although it was agreed that the radiators need painting. Neville will ask Richard Loughead if he’s available to do that work. Neville will decide on a date to clean high up, and let the rest of the committee know when that is.

v) Dishwasher: it was agreed that a commercial/industrial dishwasher would take up too much space and a bench top one wouldn’t be big enough. Consultation with main users to be carried out to see if this is worth pursuing, and if so, what floor level cupboard space could be sacrificed.

vi) PAT testing: Chris will be carrying this out on the morning of Wed 15th August, and all regular users have been notified. The Drama group’s equipment is to be tested separately on Saturday 4th August.

vii) Ovi-Fun’s loan of RR equipment: Chris reported that the marquee had been damaged in the gusty weather on the Field Day. Some eyelets had been torn and some roof struts had buckled. Paul Leonard has offered to arrange for repairs to be carried out.

5. Chair’s report: Neville said that he had paid Adrian £30 for transporting the old stage units to the chapel in the cemetery when the new stage units had arrived.

6. Treasurer’s report: Chris went through his report, which covered the 3 months April to June. There had been some large items of expenditure, such as the making up of the curtains, the new notice board, a new DVD player and charges associated with that, which accounted for income during the 3 months being £800 less than expenditure. Our balance stands at £20 811.

7. Booking Secretary's report: Debbie’s bookings report showed income of £601 for June,

There were 9 one-off bookings in July and 2 for August so far, plus 3 band practices.

For the first time, Energise’s summer school has proved so popular that a second one has been scheduled. (Energise’s programme hasn’t yet been correctly amended in the Parish Magazine)

8. Monthly Planner actions:

emergency lighting check: done

safety check to be arranged: Neville will carry this out.

PAT testing to be arranged: done (see above)

summer cleaning programme to be planned: several suggestions were made and Melissa will be asked to carry out certain tasks while the RR’s not busy. We discussed Melissa’s contract and ensured that we understood the requirements of her self-employed status.

9 AOB.

a) Mandy Roberts has offered some clothes which the Drama Club might find useful. Debbie will let Lorraine have Mandy’s number so that she can make direct contact with Mandy.

b) Hazel asked if the china she uses for the annual Chat Club tea can be stored in the cellar, and it was agreed that there was a suitable space under the stairs.

11. Date of next ordinary meeting: Monday September 24th.