Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting on Monday 21st May 2018

Present: Neville Gray, Doreen Jordon, Marion Lewis, Lorraine White and Debbie Reed.

1. Apologies for absence: Chris Lindsay, Vera Hepple, Georgina Harper and Louise Leonard.

2. Minutes of meeting on 30th April 2018: these were accepted as a true record and signed by the chairman.

3. Matters arising from the minutes: none apart from agenda items.

Updates on the following:

i) spare glass for fire extinguishers: this is in the fire alarm box in the store room.

ii) installation of new oven and removal of old one: this has all been carried out. The baking trays were removed in the old one, but Hazel kindly offered to buy replacements.

iii) piano keys: to be stored on a hook on the back of the boiler cupboard.

4. Update on Reading Room maintenance /safety actions

i) progress with new curtains: these are made up and ready to be collected, after which we need to make arrangements to hang them.

ii) arrangements for removal of mortar behind gravel bin and future lime treatment: Dillon is too busy to carry out this work at the moment, but the bees have disappeared, so there is less urgency. If they reappear before Dillon’s available, we will have to make other arrangements.

iii) progress with new outside notice board: this is to be put up once interior backing material has been fitted. We agreed to make new information notices to go in it.

5. Chair’s report: nothing to add to previous items.

6. Treasurer’s report: monthly report not available, but the annual accounts are ready to be audited for the AGM. Last year saw a £4000 difference between income and expenditure, accounted for by a grant to the Drama Group towards new stage units, work to fulfil requirements on disability access, and maintenance jobs including painting, flooring and carpeting.

7. Booking Secretary's report: April income was £573, there was at least one booking for each weekend in May, and there are several one-off bookings for June, including a Drama production.

8. New Data Protection requirements: we discussed the requirements of the GDPR as outlined by Neville, and how we will ensure that we fulfil them in relation to the groups of people whose data we have responsibility for protection. We will familiarise ourselves with the details in preparation for signing our agreement to work towards full compliance at next meeting.

9. Preparation for AGM on June 25th: a notice has been placed in June’s Parish Magazine, and an item will be in Village Notes on the two Fridays prior to the AGM. Notices for the village boards are in hand. All the regular users will be invited, asked to provide information about any change in their representative on the committee, and to consider submitting a report of their activities (Debbie). We agreed to buy some wine.

10. Update of website: we agreed to ask Phil Holden to update the programme of users, which is a little out of of date, and to resume putting the minutes on the website. (Could all committee members check the website out and make suggestions)

11. Monthly Planner actions: emergency lighting in order, safety check still to be carried out, summer cleaning programme to be decided nearer the time.

12. AOB.

i) Toddler group: nobody has come forward to help with the management of the group, but there’s a notice about it in June’s Parish Magazine, and in the meantime the parents are running it by means of an informal rota system. We agreed to keep the hire charge to £10 per session

ii) Chris will be away in June, and Neville agreed to discuss payment of Melissa’s wages and provision of materials such as toilet rolls during that time.

13. Date of next ordinary meeting: Monday June 25th (to follow on from the AGM)