Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 30th April 2018

Present: Neville, Chris, Vera, Marion, Doreen, Louise, Lorraine, and Debbie

1. Apologies for absence: Sally, Georgina, Nicola and Dean

2. Minutes of meeting on 19th March 2018: these were agreed to be a true record.

3. Matters arising from the minutes:

i) Spare glass for fire extinguishers: this has arrived and Neville will explain how to instal the glass without setting the alarm off.

ii) New oven: this had arrived. Paul Howd has quoted £40 for installing it, and Neville and Chris will move it to the kitchen and investigate removal of old one.

iii) DVD player: we have a new player. The hand set has disappeared and Dave Proctor has agreed to supply a replacement before the end of the week, bearing in mind that Alison Hogy has a yoga training weekend coming up on 5th and 6th May.

iv)Review of film licence extension possibilities: Our licence has been extended to 12 films per year (currently 11) at the subsidised rate of £52 per film, but any further showings would have to be paid for at the full rate of £99.

v) New Data Protection requirements: We are required to start this process by May 25th, and agreed that we would move on it now. Neville will circulate Village Hall Consortium advice, and an example developed by Wark Town Hall. Louise Curry is to send advice from Community Action Northumberland. There will be different rules and procedures for each post in an organisation.

We will devote time to discuss our various responsibilities at next meeting.

vi) Proposed purchase of new china and glass: has all been accomplished

vii) Piano keys: a new key has been cut and given to Hazel Chalmers for the time being. We agreed we need to find a suitable place to keep it in the Reading Room (to be decided next time)

4. Update on Reading Room maintenance /safety actions

i) New curtains: these are now being made up by Style and Sew at High Spen. W e agreed to leave the blinds up until we were satisfied with the black out quality of the new curtains.

ii) Progress with pebbledash painting: we need to buy new paint for this, as Richard L. hasn’t brought back any surplus.

iii) Arrangements for removal of mortar behind gravel bin and future lime treatment: We need to ask Dillon to get on with this work now that the weather’s better.

5. Chair's report: the chairman had no more to add.

6. Booking Secretary's report

March’s bookings report was circulated. Total income was £697. There are 5 advance bookings for May so far

The report is attached with the minutes.

Energise have stopped their Monday afternoon class

7. Treasurer's Report

a) Monthly report: income in March received so far was £294 and expenditure £1563, which means that our current balance is £21 511.

b) Annual report: Mary Jones has audited the accounts, which Chris distributed. They’re attached with these minutes.

8.Update on Toddler Group: The person who answered the facebook advertisement for an organiser to take over from Sue didn’t keep her appointment to visit last Tuesday’s session, so Sue is kindly helping to set up the room on a temporary basis, and Debbie will be around in the early weeks, but the parents are making plans to share the organisation of running the group themselves. Debbie will ensure that a hire agreement is completed by one of the parents, and that one of them talks to Lou about safeguarding procedures.

Monthly Planner actions:

i) Emergency lighting check – carried out and found to be working.

ii) Quarterly Health and Safety Check: Neville and Chris will carry this out when they are moving the oven.

iii) Spring clean: we decided to work out a programme for Melissa to follow during the summer holidays.

iv) Village Hall insurance – Chris has renewed this, and it is cheaper than last year.

9. AOB.

i) The jumble sale had been very successful and raised over £675 for the refurbishment of the pavilion.

ii) New notice board for outside the front of the building: this has been completed and will be fitted at the end of this week. We need to plan an up-to-date information notice to put up inside it.

iii) Film club banner: Louise is investigating this, at a possible cost in the region of £50. We rejected the idea of a free banner advertising the firm who made it.

iv) The June meeting will be the AGM. We agreed to advertise it in the Parish Magazine (the deadline for contributions to the June edition is the second Sunday in May). Other advertising: Village Notes in the Courant and posters on boards

10. Date of next meeting: May 21st 2018 (the last Monday in May is a Bank Holiday)