Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 27th November 2017

Present: Neville, Vera, Louise, Lorraine, Marion, Georgina, Doreen, Dean, Sally, Sue and Debbie

1. Apologies for absence: Chris and Nicola

2. Minutes of meeting on 30th October 2017: these were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters arising from the minutes:

i) Update on sort-out of cellar and storage area: the Drama group plan to continue with this on Thursday 30th at 10.30. A model horse from the Church Flower Festival is down in the cellar – Georgina will find out whether it’s still needed.

4. Update on Reading Room maintenance /safety actions

i) repair of blinds: this is still to be followed up. Dean pointed out that another section is broken, and we discussed whether we should replace them with a more robust type of blind, rather than having the annoyance of repeated repairs. It was agreed that it would be good to have effective black out curtains for the Film Club and Drama productions. Sally will find out the cost of new curtains with black-out lining, and the possibility of installing stronger curtain poles to support the heavier weight those would entail, We agreed that the present curtains were fairly old and had served us well..

ii) progress with exterior and interior painting: Richard Loughead has painted the outside of the front of the Reading Room, and arrangements are being made for him to paint the kitchen and small hall. He has been asked to do some of the work on December 8th which will give it time to dry before Christmas Cheer. Neville agreed to ask him about continuing the work between Christmas and New Year.

iii) repair to damaged sill at front: this hasn’t been done yet, but Dylan has been asked to replace the lead with stone.

iv) Dylan’s quotation for removal of mortar behind gravel bin, followed by lime treatment to head height: the cost for this, £460, as advised upon earlier, was approved, and the work is likely to be carried out in Spring.

v) bolt on child-proof gate to kitchen area: It was agreed that this must be on the kitchen side. Dean will look at this, but will contact Louise and Paul if he can’t get it done. It was agreed that this was a priority considering the number of children who use the Reading Room.

vi) toilet roll holder in ladies’ toilet: see above

vii) mat at entrance liable to curl up and cause trips: it was agreed that it this wasn’t a high priority for the time being as the mat didn’t normally curl up and present a hazard.

5. New signage at front entrance: Neville had designed a possible sign to be made for then front entrance, and Dean had produced one in a different font. We agreed that Dean’s was more suitable for the type of building without losing any clarity. We also agreed that a black border would set it off. Dean will send it to Neville to forward to the sign-writer

6. New stage units/removal of old units: this has all taken place – the new units are stored in the same place as the old ones used to be; the old ones are now in one of the chapels.

7. Goose Fair 2018 progress report: several groups/individuals who hadn’t responded by last meeting have since responded positively. The Allotment Association will operate their human fruit machine and sell plants.

Energise would like to put on a display on the stage.

Clara Shield would like to take part.

Neville will invite all positive responders to come to a meeting, and he will ask Neil Atkinson if we can have a procession from his front garden, through his side gate and onto the Village Green.

8. Christmas Cheer progress report: more contributions to the raffle were made, and we probably have enough prizes now. Debbie distributed leaflets to be given out in the next few days. The next Christmas Cheer planning meeting will take place at 11.45 on Tuesday 5th December, when the raffle hamper will be assembled and the stocking-filler mugs prepared. Preparation of the hall will take place on the morning of Saturday 9th December from 10 am. Everything seems to be in hand . . . committee members were asked to make some mince pies.

9. Chair's report: covered by earlier discussions

10. Booking Secretary's report: a copy of the report for this month was handed out. Takings in October were £613, and November takings are expected to be £850. There are frequent bookings for children’s parties, and we must be especially vigilant about preventing interruptions during those occasions.

11. Treasurer's Report: income in October was £1441, and expenditure was £2102, of which £1000 was the Reading Room’s contribution to the cost of the new stage units. We currently have a balance of £23338.19.

12. Monthly Planner actions:

Emergency lighting check: carried out

13. AOB.

i) Health and Safety report: Dean had carried out a health and safety check, and raised some of his concerns under other items on the agenda.

He had also been concerned about the following:

a) finding the cleaner’s cupboard open rather than bolted shut.

b) in checking the fire alarms he had broken the glass in one of them, and after replacing it there’s only one glass left in store.

c) the projector is permanently on stand-by – ok

d) there seems to be a fault with the front fire door which means it’s hard to shut – Dean will look into how to make it work better. We agreed all users need to be reminded to check that all the fire doors are shut when they leave.

e) First Aid kit – the location of this is only apparent when users are in the kitchen. Dean will place a notice in a more obvious place.

ii) Screen/projector: we had a discussion about the need for a wider screen, but will need to consult AB Works who installed the projector about whether it can be adapted to produce a wider picture.

iii) Quiz: Neville will ask Pat Stott if she and Michael would be willing to plan another quiz in |February (all Fridays currently free except 23rd which is Film Club)

14. Date of next meeting: January 29th 2018