Ovingham Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting held on Monday 30th October 2017

Present: Neville, Lorraine, Georgina, Marion, Doreen and Debbie

1. Apologies for absence: Dean, Vera and Chris

2. Minutes of meeting on 25th September 2017: these were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters Arising from the minutes:

a) Polling booth: as the Council have no plans to replace that at present, Neville has put it back in the cellar.

b) Arrangements for sorting out storage area and cellar: this was started earlier in the month and will be probably be continued during the Murder Mystery period. Drama group will let us know when. Neville is happy to make a few decisions with regard to Reading Room equipment. We discussed the Christmas tree, which is now incomplete and therefore unusable, so Neville will replace it at an approximate cost of £100.

c) Review of fee for Toddler Group: Sue was very grateful for the new arrangement, which will be reviewed after Christmas.

4. Update on Reading Room maintenance /safety actions

i) damp patch on rear wall: Dillon has pointed the outside wall at a cost of £100

ii) blinds: Neville will see to these

iii) progress with improvements to exterior of front entrance: Richard Loughead will do the outside painting shortly, and the inside painting later on, at a total cost of £760

iv) bolt on child-proof gate to kitchen area: Neville will ask Chris to see if Ian Todd, who installed the gate, can come to put on a new bolt, and re-attach the toilet roll holder in the ladies’ toilet as well (see below)

v) toilet roll holder in ladies’ toilet (see above)

5. Update on Drama Group fund-raising for new stage units

The lottery grant the Drama group applied for was awarded, so with the Parish Council and Reading Room grants, the Drama group has been able to buy the new stage units, which are due to arrive shortly.

Doreen is going to arrange for Adrian to take the old units to the chapel in the cemetery. Two new padlocks will be needed, and Doreen agreed to buy these, as well as pallets to support the metal base parts of the units.

6. Goose Fair 2018

Neville had approached all village organisations to ask their views about restarting the Goose Fair next year as a more low-key and less commercial village show/fete - and to ask what activities, help or items for sale they would provide. Neville handed round copies of the response sheet. All who responded had been positive, and Neville will chase up the groups who hadn’t replied. The Craft group had been omitted in error, but will hopefully be willing to “Spruce the Goose”. It was suggested that it would be good to ask the singing group “Uplifted” to be involved, and to see if Energise would be willing to perform a dance routine.

Debbie offered to remind RR users to respond.

It was agreed that a committee should start meeting in November (volunteers Neville, Doreen, Lorraine, Hazel Chalmers, Barbara Pescod?)

7. Christmas Cheer

It was agreed that this should be on December 10th. Debbie would send last year’s notes and poster round the committee to remind us of what we did then, and would plan a meeting with all those willing to organise the event. We agreed to send all profits to a suitable charity (last time it was Crisis at Christmas) and that Diane Shane-Stone would be welcome to sell calendars she and her fitness groups were making to raise money for Brain Research.

8. “ Howdenjones” request to hold a musical evening as part of their March-May tour next year.

After discussion we agreed that this was a big risk for us to take in terms of ensuring enough tickets were sold to cover Howdenjones’ costs, especially as there would be no people coming with them to add to the audience. Debbie would let them know of our decision.

9. Chair's report

Neville had nothing to add to information already noted.

10. Booking Secretary's report

Everyone received a summary of recent bookings: September takings were £702, and October bookings will come to £613.

Debbie had prepared a letter to add to invoices sent out this month reminding regulars not to interrupt other users, bearing in mind the need to safeguard vulnerable users, and to ensure privacy for private events and quiet for sessions such as yoga.

11. Treasurer's Report

Chris had sent a summary of last month’s income and expenditure: income was reduced (£311) because of the summer holidays and the time lag between invoices being sent out and money coming in, but expenditure high (£1076) because of some of the maintenance work that had been carried out in August. Our current balance is £24 000.

12. Monthly Planner actions:

Emergency lighting check – carried out

13. AOB.

a) Georgina pointed out that the mat at the entrance to the small hall was liable to slip or curl up

b) Marion said that she had seen an open window in the main hall one evening, something to remind groups to check before they leave.

c) Neville reported that the windows had now been cleaned at a cost of £15, and will be cleaned every 2 months.

14. Date of next meeting: November 27th 2017