Minutes of the Ovingham Reading Room Committee Meeting held on

Monday 25th September 2017 at 7.30 pm

Present: Neville, Doreen, Georgina, Louise, Lorraine, Marion, Sue Proctor and Debbie

1. Apologies: Chris, Vera and Sally

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on July 31st: these were agreed to be a true record.

3. Matters Arising:

a) Polling booth: this isn’t to be replaced for the time being after all, so can be put back in the cellar.

b) Arrangements for sorting out storage area and cellar: Lorraine will ask Jim about a good date and time for this. It’s anticipated that there will be a great deal to get rid of, involving transport to WWDS and a good deal of metal to be scrapped.

The present stage units will be in use until after the November Murder Mystery nights, and the new lighter units are expected soon after that, once £1000 has been contributed towards the cost by both the Reading Room and the Parish Council.

c) Review of charges for Toddler group: Sue explained that it was often difficult to cover the rent for this, especially at the beginning of the school year when a number of last year’s toddlers had moved on to nursery; it would take time for new toddlers to be brought along by their parents, grandparents or childminders, and for costs to be covered. Sue left the meeting at this point. It was agreed that this was a valuable village facility, and that we should suspend charges until October halfterm and only charge £10 per session from then until Christmas, at which time we would review the situation to see if further support was necessary.

Debbie agreed to notify Sue of this agreement.

4. Update on Reading Room maintenance/safety actions

a) Paul’s work:

i) disabled access: the ramp from the fire door at the back of the hall has now been completed with a vynil surface. The slight hollow at the pin kerb on the pavement side at the front door will need to be dealt with by NCC, and Doreen will act on that.

ii) threshold between small hall and lobby: still to be dealt with.

iii) damp patch on rear wall: Dillon Turner has quoted £100 to repair the outside wall.

iv) lower front door lock: this now works well, thanks to Neville.

b) Blinds: Brian Weatherly has repaired the faulty sections, but 2 more have fallen since then. We decided to get those repaired, but look at alternatives at a later date.

c) Internal paintwork in the main hall: this was accomplished during the summer, thanks to the committee members who participated.

d) Ideas for improving the exterior of the front entrance: it was agreed that Neville would seek quotations from Simon Heslop and Richard Loughead for some external painting, and for painting the kitchen area. At a later date we would remove the out-of-date licencee sign and investigate a new notice board and new “Ovingham Reading Room” sign.

5 Update on Drama Group fundraising: Ian Heslop has received notice of the lottery grant he applied for, which is dependent on receipt of local grants (see 3b).

6. Goose Fair: we agreed that it would be good to revive this event once the green has recovered sufficiently, but that help from other people was a pre-requisite. We felt that it was important to keep the event to a low-key village show involving as many local organisations as possible and avoiding the commercialism that has been a source of discontent in the past. We decided not to hold a fancy dress parade and procession of dancers, and thereby avoid road closures which involved a lot of planning and disruption. It was agreed that we could introduce traditional competitions – models/art/baking etc, as well as games and activities. Doreen would email village organisations asking for their input and support, and we all agreed to ask around to gauge general enthusiasm and commitment to the idea.

The renovation of the Bridge End has relevance to the viability of the Goose Fair, and we hope to have more information on progress soon.

5. Chair’s Report: Neville had nothing to add to what he had already said.

6. Booking Secretary’s Report: Debbie handed out her report for July and August and projected bookings for the coming months (attached with minutes). Income for July had been £603, and income for August had been £147.

7. Treasurer’s Report: Chris couldn’t be at the meeting, but had sent his financial report for July and August. Income had totalled £2 023 and expenditure £2 365. Our current balance is £24 765.21.

8. Monthly Planner actions:

a) we checked the emergency lights.

b) Paul Curran is booked to service the boiler on Wednesday 27th September.

9. AOB

a) Film Club: Louise reminded us that she would be away on holiday for the Film Club on October 27th and asked us to go to help Judy and Ada; we agreed to ensure that this happened.

Louise also asked for us to consider a wider screen.

b) Christmas Cheer: enough people had supported the proposition (via email) that we put this event on again this year, probably on December 3rd, so it was included in an Oracle item. More discussion next time

10. Date of next meeting: October 30th 2017