Minutes of Reading Room Annual General Meeting June 26th 2017

Present: Neville Gray, Chris Lindsay, Sally Dobson, Doreen Jordon, Vera Heppell, Georgina Harper, Lorraine White, Louise Leonard, Nicola Oliver, Hazel Chalmers, Marion Lewis, Ian Heslop, Sue Proctor, Pat Stott and Debbie Reed.

1. Apologies: Dean Bowen.

2. Minutes of AGM held on July 18th 2016: these were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters Arising from the minutes: none.

4. Trustees' Report for the year from end March 2016 to end of March 2017:

Neville Gray delivered this report, which was distributed around the members present, will be circulated with these minutes, and can be seen in the Reading Room.

Neville also reported the following:

Nicola Oliver had signed up as a trustee

Wifi had been installed and was being well-used

The bank to the east of the Reading Room had been replanted

The tarmac path had been upgraded

Hazel had attended a Safeguarding course provided by Voices, and Louise has agreed to be the appropriate Reading Room authority for report of any issues.

Thanks to Melissa for continuing to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in the Reading Room

5. Treasurer's Report and presentation of annual accounts up to end of March 2017:

Chris Lindsay presented the annual accounts: in summary the Reading Room bank balance is in a healthy state of just over £25 580.09, compared to £25 011.60 this time last year. The committee is reviewing capital expenditure plans for further improvements to the building. Work on the front of the building, including disabled access, will be carried out over the summer holidays

The accounts had been independently reviewed by Mary Jones and were formally accepted by the meeting.

The full Treasurer’s report will also be circulated with these minutes.

6. Appointment of trustees/management committee members for coming year:

Chair: Neville Gray

Hon. Treasurer: Chris Lindsay

Bookings diary: Debbie Reed and Sally Dobson

Minutes Secretary: Debbie Reed (co-opted)

Health and Safety Officer: Dean Bowen (co-opted)

Hazel Chalmers (chat club)

Lorraine White (drama club)

Sally Dobson (craft club)

Georgina Harper (Church)

Doreen Jordon (Parish Council)

Marion Lewis (choir)

Louise Leonard (film club)

Vera Heppell (WI)

Nicola Oliver (Energise)

7. Reports/ comments from user groups:

Chat Club: Hazel gave a detailed report from Chat Club (now in its 5th year), which is circulated with these minutes.

Film Club: Louise reported that this is going from strength to strength, with new people attending all the time, and thanked Richard Heslop for promoting each film on facebook and twitter.

Louise can’t hire films through the Queen’s Hall any more, but is buying or borrowing suitable films as required.

Future films will be “The Time of their Lives”, “Hidden Figures” and “Their Finest”.

Drama club: Ian Heslop reported that there had been 3 productions this year, and that there would be at least 2 productions next year.

He raised the issue of the increased age of the drama group members and subsequent difficulty in setting up and taking down the stage units. The possibility of financial help in replacing the stage with lighter units was postponed to the ordinary meeting to follow the AGM.

Craft Club: Sally reported that the group was sad to lose Renee Harding, but that 3 new crafters had joined during the year. As usual, a variety of crafts had been worked on, including a number of charitable enterprises – “fiddle pinnies”, poppies for Remembrance Day, premature baby blankets, jumpers for Kenyan children. Sally read a poem that Glenis had written to celebrate the Craft Club and the Reading Room.

Toddler group: Sue reported that this was her 17th year of involvement. Children are brought by fathers, grandparents and childminders as well as mothers, and it serves as a valuable way of introducing newcomers to other groups and activities.

The charge is £2 per family, which doesn’t always cover running costs.

All appropriate qualifications are covered by the professional childminders who attend.

Energise: Nicola reported on another successful year, and said that the two mirrors (one bought by the Reading Room) are proving an effective and popular teaching aid for all the classes. Like last year, a holiday course is going to be held during the first week of the school summer holidays.

Church: Georgina thanked the Reading Room for the availability of the toilets, and the frequent use the Church made of the Reading Room for fund-raising, Christian Aid etc. She reported that a new vicar had been appointed to cover Wylam and Ovingham, and was to be officially installed in September. He will live in the Vicarage in Wylam, but his young family of 3 children will be attending local schools.

8. AOB: None