Minutes of the Ovingham Reading Room Committee Meeting held on

Monday 26th June 2017 at 7.30 pm

Present: Neville, Chris, Doreen, Louise, Georgina, Vera, Marion, Lorraine, Nicola, Hazel, Sally, and Debbie

Ian Heslop stayed on after the AGM.

1. Apologies: Dean

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on May 22nd 2017: these were agreed to be a true record.

3. Matters Arising:

a) Drama group report: after studying attendances over the last few years, it was reported that there wasn’t a discernible pattern, but that audiences had tailed off. To see if putting on productions – especially pantomimes – during term time rather than holidays improves take-up by children and their families, February’s production has been rescheduled to a week during the term.

The Drama group have applied for a grant from the Parish Council towards new, lighter and more flexible stage units, and the possibility of an application to the Reading Room Committee was also raised. It was agreed that such units would be useful for other user groups, although they wouldn’t be weather-proof and therefore not suitable for events on the Village Green and the Playing Field. It was agreed that the if the Drama Group received grants from these two organisations it would increase the likelihood of making a successful bid to the Lottery Fund. In any event, it was agreed that it was important to include a development plan that demonstrated a commitment to reaching more people. We discussed ways of making the Drama group more accessible to other age groups, and to increase audiences, by targeted ticket selling.

Nicola suggested that Energise might produce musical drama to put on before a “normal” performance which would lead to children and their parents becoming engaged with the Drama group.

The general consensus was that we would think of innovative ways of enlarging the Drama Group’s reach and increasing participation as actors and audience..

Ian Heslop has sent a report on the discussion (attached).

b) Arrangements for sorting out cellar and storage area: carried over.

c) Socket covers: we agreed to check that the plugs are free of broken socket covers, in which case we will fit more covers. Otherwise we will ask an electrician to replace the face plates.

d) Recycling: a better-labelled recycling bin hasn’t led to effective rubbish separation, and it was agreed that it was more or less impossible to enforce recycling.

4. Update on maintenance/safety actions:

a) Disabled access: Louise will confirm when Paul is free to work on the disabled access.

b) Closer for outside door: can this be included in Paul’s work?

c) Damp patch on rear wall: can this be included in Paul’s work?

d) Threshold from the small hall to the lobby: can this be included in Paul’s work?

e) Blinds - still in hand.

f) Bolt needed on inside of gate to kitchen area.

g) Lower lock on front door is sticking: could Paul look at this during his week doing the disabled access etc?

h) Painting: we agreed to do some internal paintwork during the time the Reading Room’s shut for Paul’s work., as long as it didn’t interfere with it.

5. Chair’s Report: Neville had nothing to add to his annual trustees’ report for the AGM (previously circulated round committee)

6. Booking Secretary’s Report: Debbie handed out her report for May and projected bookings for the coming months (attached with minutes). Income for June had been £852, plus fee from NCC for use of RR as a polling station.

It was agreed that we should prepare a laminated “Yoga in progress: please do not disturb” notice to avoid people ringing the bell. (Debbie will have this ready for Alison Hogy’s next course)

7. Treasurer’s Report: Chris had circulated his annual report at the AGM.

Our current balance is £25 580, which is £570 more than at the same time last year.

8. Monthly Planner actions:

a) we checked the emergency lights.

9. AOB

a) Report on Safeguarding course: this course had been very successful. Although geared towards children it had wider more general application. Oral information had been supplemented by a written version, and Caroline Friend offered ongoing help and advice.

b) Louise asked for help with Film Club in October when she will away, and Judy will be standing in for her. Neville and Sally will both be available.

c) We agreed that we would consider more generous terms for Toddlers, as it seems they’re barely

covering costs. Parity with Chat Club?

10. Date of next meeting: July 31st 2017