Minutes of the Ovingham Reading Room Committee Meeting held on

Monday 22nd May 2017 at 7.30 pm

Present: Neville, Chris, Doreen, Lorraine, Nicola and Debbie

1. Apologies: Vera, Louise and Sally

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on April 24th 2017: these were agreed to be a true record.

3. Matters Arising:

a) Revised Conditions of Hire, and Hire Agreement: these were handed round to be commented on by next meeting.

b) Committee members responsibility for licence on behalf of hirers: this is covered by a Committee member being present at an event, with no requirement to staff the bar. Lorraine agreed to take on this role at the Church Heating Fund Soiree on June 24th.

c) Drama group report on recent years’ finances: Lorraine hasn’t enough information for this to be discussed.

d) Update on Reading Room insurance: Chris checked the cover provided by Village Hall Insurance and has insured the RR with them for £869, based on a 3-year contract. This was a saving of over £200 even after paying a penalty of £150 to Norris and Fisher for early cancellation.

4. Update on maintenance/safety actions:

a) Disabled access: Paul Leonard is going to work on the disabled access between 14th and 18th August,

when the Reading Room will be free for a number of consecutive days.

b) Closer for outside door: this is in hand.

c) Damp patch on rear wall: Paul will investigate this while he’s working on the disabled


d) Blinds needing attention: Neville is expecting a call from Brian Wetherly this week.

e) Threshold from the small hall to the lobby: on hold for the time being.

f) Paper towel dispenser in disabled toilet: Neville has fixed this.

g) NCC have planted cotoneaster on the bank between the Reading Room and the approach to the bridge, and have edged the tarmac path with concrete. Neville has removed the ivy from the wall.

5. Chair’s Report: the revised Safeguarding Policy has been circulated, and we officially

adopted it.

Safeguarding course on June 22nd in the Reading Room for designated persons: Neville will check that Hazel’s still available, and Nicola will investigate whether it’s an appropriate course for her to attend (Neville will send Nicola Caroline Friend’s email address).

Debbie will attach a pdf of the policy with invoices to user groups.

6. Booking Secretary’s Report: Debbie handed out her report for May and projected bookings for the coming months (see end of minutes). Income for April had been £546.

7. Treasurer’s Report: Chris had provided copies of his monthly report.

Our current balance is £24 536.73. The surplus of expenditure over income in April of £875 was largely accounted for by the new insurance premium.

Chris had also prepared his annual accounts for the year ending March 31st 2017: our income rose during this financial year, and the balance in our accounts rose by £569.Chris will break our income down according to rent from different user groups and proceeds from events, as well as breaking down maintenance costs before forwarding them to our auditor Mary Jones.

8. Quiz: this had been successful and greatly enjoyed, with a profit of £162 being made, but it seems that fewer village organisations are entering teams than in the past.

9. Energise mirrors: these have now arrived and Energise leaders Jill and Nicola are very pleased with them. The Reading Room will be paying for one of them as agreed. The two mirrors have a protective cover and are stored behind the display boards; we need to ensure that they’re not wheeled out for any purpose by other groups or hirers.

10. Monthly Planner actions:

a) we checked the emergency lights.

b) quarterly health and safety check: We need Dean to confirm that he has carried this out..

11. AOB

a) AGM: we decided to hold this year’s AGM on June 26th. We agreed to invite all user groups by means of a letter as usual, to publicise it further with leaflets and posters, and to provide wine and soft drinks. It was also agreed that we would extend the invitation to frequent hirers, and ask for feedback from them about the RR facilities.

b) Spare furniture: we discussed some items of furniture in the store room, and agreed that we would aim to use the week when Paul Leonard is installing the disabled access to have a look in the storeroom and the cellar to see if we could clear some items out and make both areas more manageable.

c) It was agreed that we would encourage people to store tables in the small trolley sideways on to reduce the risk of a table falling forward, given that the trolley had no retaining bars.

d) We agreed to ask Chris if he had any more plastic electric socket covers.

e)The HDM1 lead we have available for use by hirers doesn’t work with an Apple laptop, and we agreed we should ensure that hirers know this, so that they can bring a compatible lead.

f) Recycling: we decided that we should have another go at providing recycling facilities, with a labelled bin for plastic bottles and cans (not paper as that had been a difficult item in the past).

12. Date of next meeting: June 26th 2017 (AGM).