Minutes of the Ovingham Reading Room Committee Meeting held on

Monday 24th April 2017 at 7.30 pm

Present: Neville, Doreen, Vera, Lorraine, Louise, Nicola and Debbie

1. Apologies: Georgina, Chris, Dean, Marion and Sally

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on March 27th 2017: these were agreed to be a true record.

3. Matters Arising:

a) Safeguarding: our draft policy is currently circulating around the committee. When everyone has seen it, Neville will make amendments to include Caroline Friend’s responses to committee members’ specific queries before it becomes our official policy.

Safeguarding courses: a course for training in safe recruitment is to be held at Stamfordham on May 19th, and we are hosting one in the Reading Room on June 22nd from 10am until 1pm for people putting themselves forward as designated safeguarding officers. Louise has offered to be the Reading Room’s designated person, but isn’t free on 22/6. Hazel would like to attend as designated person for Chat Club, and as another designated person for the Reading Room

Conditions of Hire and Hire Agreement forms: we would adapt these to include the need for one-off hirers to confirm that they had safeguarding arrangements in place: regular groups would be required to confirm DBS certification, although we’re not authorised to require to see the relevant documentation. (Debbie)

b) “Premises supervisor”: Neville has found confirmation on the NCC website that all committee

members are designated licence-holders, so that if a committee member is in attendance at an event

where alcohol is being sold, and he or she agrees to take responsibility for the bar, no further licence

need to be applied for by the organiser of the event.

4. Update on maintenance/safety actions:

a) Disabled access: Paul Leonard is going to work on the disabled access between 14th and 18th August,

when the Reading Room will be free for a number of consecutive days.

b) Closer for outside door: Louise will ask Paul to buy a good quality closer and fit it as soon as


c) Damp patch on rear wall: Paul to be asked to investigate this while he’s working on the disabled


d) Blinds needing attention: Neville has contacted Brian Wetherly about this and is waiting to hear when

he’s available.

e) Threshold from the small hall to the lobby: on hold for the time being.

f) Paper towel holder in disabled toilet was loose: it has now been taken off and the back plate

removed.(Chris?) Until it’s fixed, Melissa will be asked to check that there are always some towels

within reach on top of the toilet.

5. Chair’s Report: Neville has arranged to enrol Nicola Oliver as a trustee (and did so at the end of the


6. Booking Secretary’s Report: Debbie handed out her report for April and projected bookings for the coming months (see end of minutes)

The Booking Secretary contact details have been changed on the website, in the Oracle and in the Parish Magazine as agreed at last meeting.

7. Treasurer’s Report: Chris had sent copies of his monthly report. Our current balance is £25 411. The surplus of income over expenditure in March of £558 was mainly accounted for by late banking of February cheques.

8. Quiz: this is scheduled for Friday May 5th, and will be advertised in the Oracle, the Parish Magazine, in Village Notes in the Courant on April 28th and May 5th, in What’s on in Ovingham? (Louise) and on posters (Debbie)

Judy and Ada have agreed to serve the pies and peas, and we suggested that they place an order for 75 from Balls. Neville will consult Chris about quantities of drink to buy, and Louise will find/update the price list.

We agreed to set the chairs and tables out at 3 pm on the Friday afternoon, and to return at 6.45 for final preparations.

9. Monthly Planner actions:

a) we checked the emergency lights.

b) quarterly health and safety check: Dean to do this.

c) renewal of insurance: the Consortium of Village Halls has now included a company called “Village Hall Insurance”. Chris has investigated and found that a 3-year contract with the latter would cost £869 per year, as opposed to renewal with Norris and Fisher at £1225. Transferring from N and F to VHI after only 2 years would invoke a penalty of £150, but the saving would still be substantial over the 3-year period. We agreed to check that the flood exemption only applied to flooding from outside, rather than leakage which originated from inside the building or through the roof, and take out insurance with VHI if that was confirmed.

10. AOB

a) we discussed the Drama group’s concerns about a fall-off in audiences and subsequent reduction in income, but will discuss it in further detail when they have looked at figures over the last few years, and see if the recent bookings schedule has had any bearing on them, in which case we could discuss possible rearrangements.

11. Date of next meeting: May 22nd 2017. Vera is unable to attend.

Bookings report for the end of April 2017 (updated)

Invoices sent out for March came to a total of £921

April regulars

Craft, toddlers, SS fitness, choir, drama, Parish Council, WI

Energise are still using the hall on Mondays and Wednesdays, but have cancelled their Sunday hour before their shorter session on WI nights.

April one-offs etc

Broadhursts party on April 8th

Keren Banning band practice 9th April (invoiced with March session)

NWL meeting April 20th

Children’s party Sunday April 23rd

Film Club Friday 28th

April Caroline Grinsted has booked further yoga sessions on most Tuesdays from April 25th up to May 23rd.

May bookings/events so far

Tyne Rivers Trust May 10th

Alison Hogy yoga May 13th and 14th

Children’s party 20th May

Film Club 26th May

Drama group Friday 26th May (after film club) until Saturday 3rd June

Looking ahead

Safeguarding course June 22nd 10-1

Tyne Rivers Trust June 23rd all day

Church Heating Fund dinner-dance June 24th (clear-up June 25th)

Energise holiday course Monday July 24th to Friday July 28th

Child’s birthday party August 12th

Paul Leonard to work on disabled access August 14th -18th

Alison Hogy is booked in for another 3 weekends this year, 6 in 2018 and the 2 for early in 2019.