Minutes of the Ovingham Reading Room Committee Meeting held on

Monday 27th February 2017 at 7.30 pm

Present: Chris, Doreen, Louise, Vera, Lorraine, Nicola and Debbie

1. Apologies: Neville, Marion, Sally, Georgina and Dean

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on January 30th 2017: these were agreed to be a true record.

3. Matters Arising:

a) Safeguarding: Neville had corresponded with Caroline Friend, and she had agreed to hold a training session in the Reading Room, with a cost of £10 per volunteer who attended. We agreed to offer 2 possible dates to user groups, asking for a response by the end of the month, and then make arrangements with Caroline to suit as many people as possible. Chris and Debbie to compose a suitable email and contact Caroline Friend with regard to her availability in early April.

b) Storage shed: no progress to report with this.

c) Goose Fair: we regretted that in spite of being informed that a revived Goose Fair was not a foregone conclusion, Kathleen Moore had written an item in two consecutive issues of the Hexham Courant which will probably have the effect of raising interest and expectations which certainly won’t be fulfilled without new volunteers coming forward.

We decided that we would pursue the idea of a village picnic on the green on Goose Fair day, but would keep it very low-key. Ideas to be brought to the March meeting, with a sub-committee taking them forward.

4. Update on maintenance/safety actions:

a) Disabled access: Chris had received a quotation form Paul Leonard to build a concrete ramp at the front for £296, and for a new floor and ramp from the hall to the back exit at a cost of £386. The toddler group cupboard would have to be cut at the bottom, and if this proved very inconvenient for the Toddler Group, it would cost a further £394. (Chris has now consulted the Toddler Group who are quite happy without further work being undertaken). All prices subject to VAT.

We discussed painting the front of the building to create uniformity, although it was also felt that a bright front door, while not being particularly tasteful, was more visible than a more muted colour.

b) Disabled toilet alarm: Paul Howd would deal with this.

c) Cleaner’s cupboard bolt: Dean had agreed to remove the lower bolt for safety reasons.

d) Blind by fusebox – Neville to make appropriate contact

e) Inside thresholds needing repair: action still not taken.

f) Fluorescent tubes: one of the Blackett Room tubes needs to be changed to match the other so that both lights come on quickly, and the tubes in the cellar need to be replaced – Paul Howd.

(Since the meeting Paul Howd has submitted an estimate of £348 for the electrical work, which Chris has circulated for our approval).

5. Chair’s Report: Neville had forwarded the safeguarding information to us before the meeting (see above).

6. Booking Secretary’s Report: Debbie outlined the bookings in February, and the expected use by non-regulars in March as follows:

March 3rd: Film Club “A Streetcat named Bob”

March 4th and 5th: Alison Hogy’s yoga training course

March 7th: NWL public engagement session from 3.30 to 6.30

March 7th or 14th Caroline Grinsted’s yoga classes restart.

March 12th and 19th from 12 -9 Energise rehearsals for their coming show.

March 17th: Showing of “I, Daniel Blake” as part of an evening to raise awareness of social deprivation, food bank use etc

March 25th Jumble Sale

March 27th Keren Banning band practice (and again on April

March 31st Film Club

7. Treasurer’s Report: Chris circulated his monthly report. Our current balance is £25 170, with a £446 surplus of income over expenditure in January.

8. Monthly actions: we checked the emergency lights, and found that there wasn’t any wording on the storage area light, and no light at all in the inner hall. (Chris to contact Firepoint.

9. AOB

a) It seems we may need to appoint a current “Premises Supervisor”, with responsibility for the licence, but according to NCC licensing officer David Grenfell we can nominate anyone we trust from a hiring group to take responsibility for selling alcohol on any given occasion; we agreed that this needs to be clarified.

b) Lorraine apologised on behalf of the Drama Group: a picture was taken down for safety reasons and then it was found that the glass had broken. Now taken away for repair.

10. Date of next meeting: March 27th 2017.

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