Reading Room Committee Meeting

Monday 26th November 2012 7.30pm

Attending: Neville Gray (Chair), Jean Docherty, Vanessa Saunders, Hazel Fulton, Georgina Harper, Richard Heslop, Sally Dobson.

Apologies: Sue Proctor, Lou Moore, Louise Leonard, Hazel Chalmers

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Minutes of last meeting :



Agenda –Matters Arising

  1. Film Club The equipment is now installed and working and we are now able to show films and do power points.

The socket for the HDMI cable is not working yet – this is required for BluRay.

Hazel Chalmers to apply to Community Chest for a grant towards the cost of the projector installation.

  1. Goose Fair Move proclamation to 12pm. Agreed.

Banner Location – Could this be The Pack Horse Bridge?

Chat to Scouts re food.

  1. Storage Neville spoke to Val Meneer and there may be storage at the Cemetery Chapel. Security issues?



Chair’s Report

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report

  • Details of the RR Bank Accounts were given including monies in/out. These were agreed and signed by Jean/Neville.

  • Balance in Lloyds 31/10/12 (A/C 646) - £3458.88

  • Balance in Lloyds 26/11/12 (A/C 646) - £3464.96

  • Balance in Lloyds 24/09/12 (A/C 124) - £4.01

  • Balance in Virgin 22/10/12 £5559.71

Booking Secretary’s Report

  • Invoices to reg users for Nov: £472 and 1-offs £155 (this includes £100 for the elections)

  • Hazel reported that she has not updated the online diary for a good while. No-one uses this and it does take up a great deal of timekeeping it up to date. Therefore she does not intend to continue with it. It will be left ‘set up’ so that it may be restarted in the future.

  • Choir reported that the outside doors were not locked one Tuesday night. An email was sent to all key holders as it may have not been the previous user and people do pop in and out.

  • A group call ‘Fools Gold’ (acoustic country style music) rang to ask if we would like to hire them for an event. They charge £80 to £200 depending on distance and our hall comes in the £80 bracket. The e-mail address is available if anyone wishes to arrange an event.

  • Hazel thinks a cleaner is required 3 times a week. Doreen will write a simple list of jobs.

  • The notice board at main door needs painting.

  • Hazel suggested re-varnishing the main hall floor in August (summer hols). This was agreed by the committee.







  • Sally is joining the Goose Fair Sub Committee!

  • The Performing Rights Society (allows the RR to play recordings and host music events) fee has been increased to £414 (payable 20/12/12)

  • Extra key cut for the audio cupboard was £4.50



Date of Next Meeting 28th January 2013


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