Reading Room Committee Meeting

Monday 22nd October 2012 7.30pm

Attending: Neville Gray (Chair), Jean Docherty, Vanessa Saunders, Louise Leonard, Debbie Reid.

Apologies: Sally Dobson, Doreen Jordan, sue Proctor, Hazel Fulton, Hazel Chalmers, Richard Heslop

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Minutes of last meeting :

  • Amendments:

2/iii We are using Scottish & Southern for electric and Total for gas.

Otherwise Minutes agreed.


Agenda –Matters Arising

  1. Film Club update: NG has a quote from AV Works, Prudhoe (£894 inc Vat + approx. £50 for a DVD player)

The original quote had been £1240.99 plus equipment.

The RR can purchase the DVD’s from anywhere as long as the film is listed on The RR then tell Queen’s Hall which film it is and they will supply a license.

Louise suggested maybe raffling off the DVD. (Suggestions from RRCM’s welcome please).

  1. Identification of new GF Fair Organiser to take over from Hazel Chalmers and Stall Booking Person to take over from Jackie Scrowther. This was unresolved.

  2. Discuss Publicity for GF Open Meeting 19/11/12: Neville will put a mail drop in place explaining that in order to go ahead with GF, new faces/idea are needed. He will also contact Steve Thursby (Courant).






Chair’s Report

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report

  • Details of the RR Bank Accounts were given including monies in/out. These were agreed and signed by Jean/Neville. It was agreed that £550.00 be taken from Lloyds Acc 124 and put in to Virgin Account (formerly Northern Rock). Acc 124 will be kept open with the remaining £4.03.

  • Balance in Lloyds 30/09/12 (A/C 646) - £8,691.16

  • Balance in Lloyds 22/10/12 (A/C 646) - £3,179.49

  • Balance in Lloyds 24/09/12 (A/C 124) - £554.03

  • Balance in Virgin 22/10/12 £5009.71

Booking Secretary’s Report as read by NG

  • Invoices to reg users for Oct: £697.50 and 1-offs £25.00

  • 1 person has brought their own real ale to an event and someone also brought wine to a quiz night. Bearing in mind that the bar is ran to raise money solely for the RR it was suggested £1 corkage per person should be charged.

  • Drama Group has asked for a 3rd week (May). They already have a week in February and a week in October. It was suggested that they have the ½ term weeks as this would work in with the RR diary and shouldn’t cause too much inconvenience.

  • Hazel would like a direction sign for the toilets

  • Malcom (Drama Chair) has informed Hazel that Drama have had electrical equipment which failed the PAT testing repaired. Hazel gave him Mike Stott’s number to arrange further testing.






  • Annual return/Neville’s report has been sent to the Charity Commission.

  • Green Ovingham will use the Blackett Room at the Christmas Fair at no charge.

  • Leaflet drop for Christmas Fair – Neville will draw up a map and contact volunteers.

  • Marquees – Neville will write to Parish Council asking if they might store 2 marquees in the buildings at the cemetery grounds. They are currently used twice a year.

  • Ceilidh - £92.50 taken on the door, £33 (raffle) £86.30 (bar). The band took £40 for their fee. Soup cost was £7.40

  • Hazel Chalmers – e-mail (Neville to forward to Vanessa)

  • Northumberland Community Buildings Consortium – meeting being held on 6th Nov 2012 and Neville will attend.



Date of Next Meeting 26th Novemeber 2012


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