Reading Room Committee Meeting

Monday 30th July 2012 7.30pm

Attending: Neville Gray (Chair), Hazel Chalmers, Richard Heslop, Jean Docherty, Vanessa Saunders, Sue Proctor, Georgina Harper, Judith Campbell, Ada Blackburn, Sally, Debbie Reid.

Apologies: Doreen Jordan

Item no




Minutes of last meeting :

  • Item 2, ii) Questions arose re wording of ‘Trustees Liability’. NG wto re-word and VLS will amend the minutes and re-distribute before sending to Phil to add to the website. Otherwise Minutes agreed.



Agenda –Matters Arising

  1. Kitchen Recycle Bin – Cakes/sandwiches have been found in the recycle bin. It was agreed that it should be relocated to see if people would stop using it for kitchen waste.

  2. Pat Stott resignation – NG to send a letter of thanks to Pat.

  3. Electrical Work on lighting – now completed by Paul Rock. New fluorescent lights in the hall/cellar/cleaners cupboard - £330 in VAT and Matthew Charlton platform hire.

The committee agreed that Paul Rock should be the resident electrician and in the event be contacted by a member of the committee (NG/HF/HC)

  1. Goosefair review/de-brief meeting – 15th August in the Bridge End.

  2. Record receipt from Jeaan of Goosefair P&L account. The

The alcohol license (£23) was not part of the GF accounts, it is RR expenditure.

Bridge End invoice is also to pay.

Photographs not been added to the accounts yet.

Jean will display the accounts on the notice board.

  1. Film Club Update – NG & LL met Geoff Keys. The RR can get funding for a projector which can be suspended from the ceiling and concealed.

Wiring and DVD player to be funded by the RR.

Geoff Keys will send plans and costings to Louise.

  1. Main Hall - ‘Mic Loop’ Issues – RR and church are both picking up from the loop.

It was reported that the pulley rope from the curtains hangs down and may be a health and safety risk. This should be boxed in or tying up between events. NG and Drama Group to come up with a solution.








Chair’s Report

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report

  • Details of the RR Bank Accounts were given including monies in/out. These were agreed and signed by Jean/Neville. Jean presented the accounts and each committee member received a copy.

  • Balance in Lloyds 30/06/12 (A/C 646) - £8,690.29

  • Balance in Lloyds 30/07/12 (A/C 646) - £7,950.04

  • Balance in Lloyds 30/07/12 (A/C 124) - £554.00

  • Bal Northern Rock 01/06/12 £9.71

As there is 2p interest on the Northern Rock Account (now Virgin) the RRC agreed to move reserve funds over to this account.

Booking Secretary’s Report

  • £337.50 was invoiced to regulars (this is down due to the school holidays). £180 1-off bookings

  • Karate group booked for August.

  • Wellburn hired 30 chairs @ £1 per chair.

  • Cupboards in vanity units – David Thirlwell quoted £240.

  • Line Dancing finishes in August as Laura is pregnant. This will hopefully resume in 2013.

  • Voting Screens – these have been found. Hazel asked Richard to make sure they are not moved (they are required 25th November).

  • Drains – investigation is on-going. Hazel thinks cupboards in the washrooms should be postponed until we find out what the problem is.

  • Hazel will be away 21st – 25th and Louise is also on holiday. Georgina volunteered to step in as temp booking secretary.

  • Smell in toilets – this could be connected to the drainage.




  • Events Book – Georgina has made a start on this.

  • Boarding of loft – NG and HF have asked Egger re boards ‘seconds’.

  • Cleaner/Job Description and Handyman/Caretaker – it was suggested that these jobs could be merged. The person would be responsible to (e.g) a committee member with working hours to be discussed.

Neville proposed that himself, Hazel Fulton, Jean Docherty and Jackie Scrowther should look at the job description and refine.

Jackie has agreed to keep on the job of paying Melissa until Christmas.

  • Web stats

  • Quiz – 22nd September at 7.30pm. Pie and Peas (Jean will order). Raffle (Ada). Judith will stock bar.

  • Ceilidh – 20th October at 7.30pm. Soup and Stotties

Volunteers to contact Hazel Chalmers for soup making and Hazel will organise stotties/butter.

  • Jackie Scrowther will continue to organise and be responsible for Easter Fair and Christmas Fair.

  • Piper Road Notice Board – this was suggested but permission is required. NG to ask Parish Council.

  • Possible jumble/re-cycling event for Green Ovingham






Date of Next Meeting 24th September 2012


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