Reading Room Committee Meeting

Monday 26th March 2012 7.30pm

Attending: Neville Gray (Chair), Pat Stott, Richard Heslop, Hazel Fulton, Doreen, Jordan, Jackie Scrowther, Ada Blackburn, Judy Campbell, Jean Docherty, Vanessa Saunders, Debbie Reed, Susan (standing in for Sue Proctor)

Apologies: Georgina Harper

Minutes of last meeting agreed.


Item no




David Grenville(Alcohol License) – NCC

The RR has a premises license which means we can sell alcohol and play music. This is currently under the name of ‘Jean Docherty’. David advised the following:

  • Transfer the premises license at a cost of £23

  • Dis-apply (at a cost of £23) Chris Morton from the Alcohol License and Committee to take responsibility for the sale of alcohol.

  • Alcohol sale times are Mon-Sat 11am-11pm and Sunday 12pm – 10.30pm.

  • Outside events that don’t benefit the community should have a ‘Temporary Events Notice’ (£21).



Ongoing Items’Action List was agreed plus the following

  • The property deeds mention 2 bits of land – the orginal hall plus an extension.

  • A piece of land was donated by Frank Atkinson

  • We are still waiting for a reply from the Solicitors re land

  • Neville will go and see Frank to see if he can shed any light

  • Colin Pounten has quoted £580 to Varnish the hall floor and £225 to paint 3 x WC’s.

  • There are also 2 roof slates which need replacing.


Role of Booking Secretary

  • Hazel will continue as Booking Secretary with Jackie and Jean checking the hall and letting people in



Charges for 1-Off Bookings

  • It was suggested that in the future large parties should be charged more. This is to be discussed at the next meeting


Recording Forms – Running of the Reading Room

  • RRC agreed this is a good idea and will commence next month




  • Doreen had made rough tables for Income/Budget/Expenditure which can be updated in more detail.



Aspirations 2012/13

  • Exterior painting

  • Book shelves/tables

  • Replace strip lighting with up-to-date fittings

  • Build up RR savings e.g £2,000 upwards



Jumble Sale

  • It was agreed that a Jumble Sale will be held to help fund the ‘Oviolympics’ . Possible dates are 5th/19th May



Thermal Imaging

  • Ed Clegg will organise up-to-date graphs to display at the Open Day.


PAT Testing

  • Michael Stott will do the PAT Testing Wed 4th April at 10am

  • It was suggested that groups should be charge £1 for each of their own pieces of equipment.


GF Report

  • Main point is that the Olympic Torch is going through Prudhoe on the same day as the Goose Fair however this should not pose a problem and both parties will work together.

  • It was suggested that there may be a Pimms Stall at the GF. This was put to the committee and Neville decided that the GFC would decide at their meeting. Louise Leonard agreed to help man the Pimms stall.



  1. Chair’s Report

  • No report as this is Neville’s first meeting as Chair

  1. Treasurer’s Report

  • Details of the RR Bank Accounts were given including monies in/out. These were agreed and signed by Neville/Vanessa.

  • Balance in Lloyds 29/02/12 (A/C 646) - £14,806.09

  • Balance in Lloyds 26/03/12 (A/C 646) - £10,098.97

  • Balance in Lloyds 26/03/12 (A/C 124) - £553.88

  • Bal Northern Rock 26/03/12 £9.69

  1. Booking Secretary’s Report

  • Film Club will be held on 25th May and 29th June

  • It was agreed that forms for hiring the hall should be signed on the day of the event as most people forget to bring them in.

  • Photos are coming in for the Open Day






  • It has been noted by HF that lights get left on in the toilets. Is it possible to have a sensor light put in there? It was agreed that this is a good idea.

  • Insurance – There are 2 Insurance Certs on the board from Ansvar and Aviva and it was agreed that probably only one was required. Neville will get quotes from both.

  • Chat Club – Hazel reports that the first 2 weeks went very well.


Date of Next Meeting

Monday 30th April 2012 at 7.30pm