Reading Room Committee Meeting

Monday 30th January 2012 7.30pm

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Chat Group For Older People

  • Hazel Chalmers reported that Wellburn are very interested in the group which would be held weekly on Thursdays (10.30am – 12pm) from 15th March 2012 with ‘Soup and a Pud’ on the last Thursday of the month (11am – 1pm).

  • A rota of volunteers will be put in place to help.

  • It was agreed that the RR would pay for HC to do the Food Hygiene Course.

  • JD suggested that there should be no charge for a trial period. RRC agreed and research into funding will be carried out.



Fire Alarm – Reported by a user group that it wasn’t working.

  • Neville will check and if it cannot be sorted will contact the supplier.

Since the meeting Neville has emailed the RRC to explain that the Fire Alarm is working fine (please see email).




Exterior Painting

  • Hazel Fulton gave details of a quote for painting the exterior of the RR. John Eden - £1950.00 inc VAT. Scaffolding also required – verbal quote £400. Hazel has asked Colin Pounten for a quote but he has not forwarded one yet. He did say that he would require scaffolding around the whole of the building thus costing more and being an inconvenience to neighbours.

  • Quote from Lenlee to repair and pre-paint framework, repair trim and fit weather mould to fire door - £913.20 inc VAT

Fit pespex to upper north gable to stop nesting - £264.00 inc VAT

Fix Perspex to South upper gable - £78.00 inc VAT

Total for all exterior work £3605.20

  • Painting would not be started until April (better weather)

  • Hazel asked if it may be possible to get a grant towards the work.

  • The committee needs to decide on the colours. Traditional Mock Tudor would be black wood and white plaster.



Light Fittings in the Main Hall and Toddler Cupboard Light Fitting

  • Damaged by hirer. 2 fittings were purchased @ approx. £25 each. Drama has agreed to erect the new fittings.

  • The hirer will be billed for the cost.

  • Sue Proctor reported that the l/f in the Toddler Cupboard is broken. Neville will look at this.

Since the meeting Neville has emailed RRC to say that the l/f in Toddler Cupboard has now been renewed.





Supervision of Children at Dance Class /Parking outside the RR

  • This was discussed at length with the final outcome being that a notice would be put on the Store Room door and a bolt will be put on the cleaning cupboard.

  • Parking outside the RR is becoming an issue when the dance class is on and Nicola has said she will speak to the owners of the cars in an attempt to resolve the problem.



Signatories to replace Hazel C and Dave T

  • Georgina and Vanessa have agreed to be the new signatories



Tables and Chairs for the Small Hall

  • JD has sourced sets (table+4 chairs) @£80 per set.

  • I think we agreed to delay a decision - Doreen asked for the leaflet so she could look further into the suitability of the tables and chairs.



Film Club

  • No film in January as the technician is on holiday

  • No film in February due to Drama Group’s Panto

  • March Film – ‘Jane Eyre’ Date: Friday 23rd March



Book Swap

  • It was agreed that this will go ahead and RH will supply book shelves.



Grand Opening

Vanessa put her ideas to the committee.

  • Person to open new refurb – local author Robert Douglas

  • Date 14th or 21st April

  • Courant to do feature/photo



Easter Fair

  • Date agreed – 31st March

  • 50p entry

  • No Raffle

  • Tombola – Georgina and Doreen have requested contributions be taken to the next meeting

  • Egg competition – 50p entry agreed. Vanessa will organise prizes. Doreen suggested her and Cathrine to judge.

  • Richard will put the event on Facebook





Food Safety Course

  • The date set for this is 10th March

  • Cost for 20 people is £540

  • Jackie said she was struggling to find people to go on the course despite her efforts to recruit. If any committee members no anyone who may be interested they can contact Jackie or the committee.

The deadline has now been met and there are 15 people. Jackie is hoping that Martin Davenport will reduce his charges.



Goose Fair

  • Vanessa gave a verbal report of the most recent GF meeting.

  • Neville pointed out that one of the main concerns was the Olympic torch is scheduled for the same day. Neville and Richard to attend meeting at Prudhoe Waterworld.

  • It was decided that the theme for the programme would be the Diamond Jubilee.




  1. Chair’s Report

  • No Chairperson and no-one volunteered to be Acting Chair.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

  • Details of the RR Bank Accounts were given including monies in/out. These were agreed and signed by Vanessa.

  • Balance in Lloyds 31/12/11 (A/C 646) - £18479.50

  • Balance in Lloyds 30/01/12 (A/C 646) - £13564.25

  • Balance in Lloyds 30/01/12 (A/C 124) - £553.82

  • Bal Northern Rock 30/01/12 £9.69

  • St Mary’s have been asked for a contribution (originally this was a yearly donation) for use of the toilets on Sundays.

  • Most of the committee seemed to agree that workmen shouldn’t be using the toilets.

  • Marian Hardacre is on a course this year therefore cannot audit the accounts. Jean has checked with the Charity Commission and has found someone else to do it. Details to follow.

  1. Booking Secretary’s Report

  • NCC wants to book RR for the elections. It was agreed they would be charged £100 for 2012 and this would rise to £120 in 2013





  • Sue Proctor (Toddlers) reported that the RR website shows the wrong times for the Toddler Group and all of the details need updating.

  • Green Ovingham – Debbie Reed said that anyone interested in doing training on how to use Thermal Imaging Cameras should contact her. Training to be end of Feb.




Date of Next Meeting

  • Monday 20th February 2012 at 7.30pm