Minutes of Reading Room Committee Meeting

held on Monday 28th November 2011

Present: Jean Dougherty (Treasurer), Judy Campbell, Ada Blackburn, Hazel Fulton, Debbie Reed, Neville Gray, Georgina Harper, Jackie Scrowther (Minute Secretary), Vanessa Saunders (Acting Chair), Sally Dobson, Georgina Harper, Richard Heslop.

Apologies: George Fulton, Doreen Jordan, Louise Leonard.

  1. Minutes of the October meeting were agreed.

  2. Action List: See separate sheet for agreed actions.

  3. Matters Arising:

i) Neville explained that the switch to N.Power for dual fuel will save the R.R. about £700 annually. He is taking weekly readings in order to ascertain patterns of usage.

ii) Neville has prepared a Fire Risk Assessment. He will purchase missing signs. He explained the new system of self assessment together with possible spot checks by Fire Officer.

iii) Exterior paintwork: George & Hazel will organise this early 2012.

iv) Neville said the Fire Alarm system has not been serviced since `07.

v) Neville suggested a lock on cellar door (agreed) and said users should be told not to go into the cellar alone (Hazel to inform user groups).

vi) Hazel and George will oversee the building of a fence along the side path which will be modified following Neville’s suggestions.

vii) Neville also said that if the main exit doors are locked, everyone inside the building should know this so they can safely exit from another door in case of fire: Hazel to inform groups.

vii) Neville will obtain a COSH certificate for the cleaner’s cupboard.

viii) Neville gave trustees copies of “The Ovingham Reading Room”.

  1. RR Maintenance:

i) It was agreed to accept the Lenlee estimate for new windows £9471. Hazel will organise this work.

  1. Social Events:

i) Goose Fair – Vanessa reported on the recent meeting. She suggested a meeting with the organisers of Wylam Summer Fair (agreed)

ii Grand Opening (Vanessa) date not yet agreed – see action list

iii) Jackie will organise an Easter Fair Saturday 31st Match 2012.

6. Chair’s Report: (no chairman).

7. Treasurer’s Report

Balance in Lloyds Bank current account: £10663.21 (28/11/10). Lloyds Project Account (28/11/11) £553.82 Northern Rock account: £4.87 (28/11/11).

Total income for Oct £3001.69 Total expenditure for Oct £2346.67

7. Booking Secretary’s Report:

Louise Smith has cancelled her zumba class. New class “relaxation and meditation” will start soon. It was agreed that Hazel should purchase a mobile telephone to be used only for RR bookings. Hazel reported that she found the main door had been left open all night. Tim Alsop has cleared the gutters.

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8. Any Other Business

i) Jackie will organise a Food Safety Level 2 course 7th April 9am to 5pm.

ii) Neville will speak to Frank Atkinson and to Phil Holden about the ownership of the land between the R.R. and bridge. Georgina said that she believes it is owned by the Duke of Northumberland.

iii) It was agreed that George should be paid £40 for painting the storeroom.

iv) George will carpet the entrance porch using left over tiles and some new (to be purchased).

v) Vanessa agreed to take on the role of RR Secretary, replacing Jackie.

9. Date of next meeting: Monday January 30th 2012 at 7-30pm in the Reading Room.

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RRCM 28/11/11