Minutes of Reading Room Committee Meeting

held on Monday 31st October 2011

Present: Jean Dougherty (Treasurer), Judy Campbell, Ada Blackburn, Hazel Fulton, George Fulton, Debbie Reed, Neville Gray, Georgina Harper, Jackie Scrowther (Minute Secretary), Vanessa Saunders (Acting Chair), Doreen Jordan, Sally Dobson, Georgina Harper, Lorraine White - representing the Drama Group instead of Richard Heslop.

Apologies: Pat Stott, Richard Heslop, Louise Leonard.

  1. Minutes of the September meeting correction: Debbie Henderson attended but not Debbie Reed. Minutes then agreed and signed. Committee agreed to a shorter form of minutes for a trial period.

  2. Action List: See separate sheet for agreed actions.

  3. Matters Arising:

i) Location of title deeds – Neville reported on progress so far. Georgina will advise.

ii) Laurels – Doreen arranged for removal of laurels and for a working group to meet a.m. Thursday 3rd Nov.

iii) Exterior paintwork: George & Hazel will organise this early 2012 and possibly the painting of the storeroom.

iv) Waste Bins - George & Hazel will get estimates for a fence and some hard standing.

v) Stocking the kitchen with white plates – Judy will deal with this

vi) Wine Storage - work completed by George

vii) Improving appearance of entrance hall – see action list

viii) Hallmark 2 – Jackie described the process of obtaining this higher award – much preparation is required – a decision will be made next month after committee members review documents/requirements.

  1. RR Maintenance:

  1. Heating Project: Hazel F, Project Manager, is currently getting estimates for new windows which we hope will be installed early 2012.

ii) Damage to marquees by hirers: committee agreed these would not be hired out in future.

iii) Other improvements suggested – signs naming each room, repair of cracked floor in porch, painting of porch – see action list

  1. Social Events:

i) Christmas Craft Fair (Jackie)Sunday Nov 27th – see action list

ii Grand Opening (Vanessa) date not yet agreed – see action list

6. Chair’s Report: (no chairman). Jackie reported progress on PAT testing, need to update Trustees’ details and asked Judy to update the inventory (JC agreed)

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7. Treasurer’s Report

Balance in Lloyds Bank current account: £9700.24 (31/10/11). Lloyds Project Account (31/10/11) £553.71 Northern Rock account: £4.87 (31/10/11).

Total income for Sept £1014.86 Total expenditure for Sept £1065.15

7. Booking Secretary’s Report:

One regular class has been cancelled but other groups are interested in hiring the hall.

Trustees who go into the RR during Nicola’s children`s dance classes should introduce themselves to Nicola (recommended good practice re Child Protection)

8. Any Other Business

i) Jean said main hall floor need to be sanded – no decision made.

ii) Committee agreed not to renew licence for raffles.

iii) It was confirmed that the church congregation may use RR toilets.

9. Date of next meeting: Monday Nov 28th at 7-30pm in the Reading Room.

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RRCM 31/10/11