Minutes of Reading Room Committee Meeting

held on Monday 25th July 2011

Present: Jean Dougherty (Treasurer), Pat Stott (Acting Chair), Doreen Jordan, Hazel Chalmers, Judy Campbell, Ada Blackburn, Jackie Scrowther (Minute Secretary), Richard Heslop, Debbie Henderson

  1. Apologies were received from Anin Robson, Dave Tweddle, Louise Leonard, Hazel Fulton

  2. Minutes of the June meeting were agreed.

  3. Action List: See separate sheet for agreed actions from previous meetings. At this stage, there was a discussion about how we might attract more people onto the committee. It was agreed that Jackie should write to named individuals inviting them onto the committee and explaining that we have no Chairman and no Secretary.

  4. Matters Arising:

  1. It was agreed to allow the Parish Council to store paperwork in the Reading Room loft

ii) It was confirmed that the hire charge for the marquee is £100. Christopher Lynch wishes to borrow the R.R. marquee. Judy will inform him of this hire charge.

iii) Older Persons’ Survey – only two replies have been received. Hazel Chalmers has discussed the idea of starting a club for older persons, with Age U.K. This organisation will give support by providing insurance cover, a trainer and equipment. If a light lunch is served, someone with a Food Hygiene Certificate will need to attend in the kitchen.

  1. RR Maintenance:

  1. Heating Project: The last application was unsuccessful. The committee discussed the reasons for the rejection and the way forward. It was agreed that an application for £10,000 would be made to a smaller `pot` of the lottery fund. Hazel Chalmers explained the current situation and possible additional funding sources.

  2. Current Maintenance Requirements: Doreen explained that the Parish Council could not help with cutting down the laurel bushes. Paul McDonald will ask the County Council for help. This will be discussed again.

The fire doors have been replaced by Lenlee. This is well done. The internal cupboards which were damaged during the break in will not be repaired.

  1. Doreen reported that on Thursday night at the Parish Council meeting, the Blackett Room was dirty and litter was left on the chairs. We assumed that the children who attend Nicola’s Dance Group were responsible for this mess. Jackie will ask Hazel F to speak to Nicola about this. The committee confirmed that user groups should leave the building in a neat and tidy state ready for the next user. Because the Reading Room is occupied so frequently and because our cleaner does other jobs, she can only clean the Reading Room on Mondays and Fridays.

  1. Goose Fair Report:

Hazel Chalmers, the Fair Organiser said that the organisation worked well. Although she has resigned from the committee, she will continue as Goose Fair Organiser. Richard reported that the entertainers were affected by the bad weather and two groups were unable to perform for health and safety reasons (wet stage). Jean said that the new entry system worked well. 1166 people attended. There were no programme sales. Jean said that despite the bad weather, the Goose Fair stall and Singing Hinnies sales were good. Jackie said that 4 stallholder cancelled because of wet weather. There were too many tombolas (some unauthorised). Jackie has already written to two stallholders saying they will not be

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invited next year and asking Mid Tyne Lions not to do a tombola. The committee agreed a limit of 2

tombolas. Hazel described an incident which occurred at the end of the fair as stallholders were being directed off the field by stewards. One stallholder disregarded instructions and would not stop. A report has been written. A letter will be sent to that stallholder asking them not to attend in future. Judy Campbell asked the committee to provide a 12`x 6` gazebo for the Singing Hinnies stall (agreed). Jean asked if she could give the gas bottles to the scouts (agreed).

  1. Social Events:

  1. Films and dates for film club have already been agreed.

  2. Quiz: arrangements were agreed (see Action List)

8. Treasurer’s Report:

The cost of replacement fire doors will be paid out of the current account, using the Goose Fair profit.

Balance in current account: £3,932.39. Northern Rock account: £9,754.87 includes £12.15 interest.

Goose Fair profit: £2582.68

9. Booking Secretary’s Report:

Hazel Fulton, the Booking Secretary was unable to attend the meeting but she sent a written report: she will continue in her role for another year. Hazel Hall’s Aerobics classes have been cancelled because Hazel is getting married and moving house. This cancellation means a loss of £86 a month. However, a new Zumba class will begin in September which will bring in £60 a month (term time only). 12 weekends and a birthday party are already booked for 2012. Hazel will attempt to get a separate heading for Ovingham in the Tyne Valley Express and will continue to send notice of the RR events.

10. Any Other Business

i) It was agreed that we would ask Wellburn Care Home for a small donation because they recently borrowed our chairs.

ii) Doreen said that she has asked for replies to the Village Plan Questionnaire to be delivered to various places, including the Reading Room post-box. Doreen was thanked for arranging the removal of the red post box which stood in the Blackett Room and which was considered to be a danger to small children.

iii) Hazel Chalmers, who has resigned as a trustee, was thanked for serving on the committee and for leading the Heating Project. She will continue with this and with her work for the Goose Fair.

iv) Louise Leonard has resigned as RR Secretary but will still be a trustee. She was thanked in her absence for her work as Secretary. Doreen said she had always done a very good job.

11. Date of next meeting: 22nd August 2011. 7-30pm in the Reading Room.

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RRCM 25/07/11