Minutes of the Meeting held on

Monday 27th June 2011 at 7:30pm

Present: Jean Doughtery (Treas), Louise Leonard (Secretary), Hazel Fulton (Booking Secretary), Jackie Scrowther, Ada Blackburn, Judy Campbell, Richard Heslop, Hazel Chalmers, Vanessa Saunders, Doreen Jordon.

1. Apologies: Pat Stott

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on 23rd May 2011 were read and agreed.

3. Action list:


Action Required


Ways to increase membership also vice treasurer and secretary.


In Hand

Grand Opening after RR heating/refurbishment is complete.


In Hand

Investigate setting up a club for Older people




Empty heavy bags of marquee poles and colour code

Complete – Now stored in GF cupboard



Planning permission for windows


NCC planning being considered on 4th August. We will hear after this date.


Arrange for insulation of smaller loft space

Vanessa/Hazel F

Unable to contact David Adcock. Lenlee have offered to do work


Sell Coleport figures


Prudhoe Info point wanted 25% of sale

4. Matters arising:

i. Solar Panels. The Committee discussed the insulation of Solar panels as Freetricity are offering help to charities. It was decided that the roof pitch of the Reading Room faces the wrong direction.

5. Reading Room Maintenance

i. Heating Project and Proposed Plan. – The application to the lottery fund was unsuccessful. The feedback states that we didn’t explain the benefits to people the heating would make. The committee agreed to apply for a smaller grant as the forms do not require so much detail. Doreen Jordan offered to help Hazel. Hazel handed out a breakdown of the funding received so far.

Jackie thanked Hazel for all her efforts and the success she has had so far.

ii. Current (Urgent) maintenance

a. Damaged Fire door – The damaged doors cannot be repaired. Quotes for Wooden doors (£1578.45 +VAT) and metal doors (£2008.32 +VAT) have been received. Jean explained that we could claim on the insurance but this would invalidate the 3 year deal. The insurance could sky rocket next year if we make this claim. The money would come out of the reserve account. The Committee agreed to go ahead and fit metal doors.

b. Laurel Bushes – Doreen explained the matter had been discussed at the Parish Council meeting. They were not willing to pay for the bushes to be cut back as they had helped in 2008 after the RRC agreed to maintain the bushes. Doreen has been in touch with Paul MacDonald of NCC to ask his advice. Hazel F explained that we really need to get rid of the bushes completely.

The RRC agreed to wait until we hear from NCC.

Jackie will email Debbie Reid of Green Ovingham to ask for their help.

iii. Repairs – Jackie reported that the cracks in wall at the rear of the Reading Room are being monitored by Dr Frizzell.

iv. Cleaning – The Dance Group use the Blackett Room and Store room. It was agreed to ask the group not to use the store room to play in as it could be dangerous. The committee discussed various options for blocking access to the table/stage area of the store room to try and prevent any accidents.

Jean will purchase tape.

6. Goose Fair Report (Hazel)

Hazel asked for any comments to take to the debrief meeting on the 29th June.

7. Social Events

i. Film Club – Louise will book the following dates

23rd September

14th October

25th November

16th December

ii. Dart Exhibition – The hall has been booked for 9th July. Phil Clements is going to do a demonstration and then challenge people to play him. Tickets £5.00 each including soup & a stottie. Phil has asked for no payment.

iii. Ceilidh – Hall booked on the 15th October by Judith Milne for a charity ceilidh in support of Water Aid. RRC agreed to not charge for the hire of the hall but to make a charge for entrance to the dance.

iv. Village Show – Doreen reported that she was not intending to rum a Village Show this year. She was disappointed in the turn out last year. It was agreed to miss a year.

8. Chair’s Report

Nothing to report.

9. Treasurer’s Report (Jean Dougherty)

As Jean had just returned from holiday she will report on 2 months figure at July’s meeting.

She reported that the accounts had been prepared and agreed by the auditor. The RRC also agreed the accounts. Jackie Scrowther signed the accounts in the absence of a chairman.

An Annual report needs to be prepared ready for the AGM in July. This is required by the Charities Commission.

10. Booking Secretary’s Report (Hazel Fulton)

Regular Users invoices for June £619.50

One off bookings for June £125.00

11. Any Other Business

12. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 27th June

AGM at 7pm

July Meeting at 8pm

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Reading Room Minutes – Monday 27th June 2011